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[Buyer] Frustrating Experience Buying Logo Design Work


I needed to have a logo designed for a new hunting and outdoors company. I had originally looked on a few stock sites (shutterstock and deposit photos) for some ideas but the client specified they wanted something unique so I decided I would get help from a designer.

I cast a wide net hoping to land one or two awesome designs so I paid for 7 gigs ranging from $15 to $20 per gig. Each designer averaged about 4 designs and the results were extremely disappointing. I’m not exaggerating when I write this but every single designer overlapped with each other on designs that were taken off shutterstock.

I’m giving them all chances to make revisions but am I naïve to have expected something unique and of better quality for $15 or $20?

Would I be better off canceling and finding sometime at around $150?


That’s the issue right there.

In my personal opinion, the issue is that you sprayed and prayed, trying to get one or two great concepts by buying from cheap sellers.

Since you are trying to meet certain expectations for your client and quite possibly follow a specific brief, you would yield much better results if you spent the same amount on a single seller after interviewing a few designers in that price range, that you found have produced relevant work in the past.



The minimum wage in the US is $7 an hour. Keep in mind, this is generally for ‘unskilled’ (I hate the term but it’s relevant) workers. Graphic designers are highly skilled, having spent years perfecting their craft, buying expensive equipment etc.

$15 on Fiverr becomes $12 after Fiverr take their cut (ie; this is what the designer receives, pre-tax), so you’re paying for two hours of time from an unskilled person, at minimum wage, or a fraction of time from a skilled worker. Sure, other countries may have lower living costs, but the theory still applies, especially if you want a skilled seller. Skills cost money.

Keep this in mind when you’re hiring anyone to do anything on Fiverr. Would you walk into a design studio in real life and offer someone $15 to make you a logo? I’d hope not.

Yes. Possibly more if your budget will stretch to it. I don’t design logos, but I’ve read in various posts that a skilled logo designer would see $250 as a minimum cost for something unique.

No, and you no longer have that option, either from a Terms of Service perspective, or if I’m being frank, from a moral perspective.

You’ve hired 7 people to perform cheap work for you, and by the sounds of it, those 7 people have delivered you cheap work. They stuck to their end of the agreement - why should these people now lose that income, just because you’ve realised there was a better way of spending your money? Fiverr will quite rightfully deny you 7 cancellations - that’s not how Fiverr works.


Would I be better off canceling

I’m pretty sure it’s against the Terms of Service to cancel based on the quality of the work, if the person delivered the work on point with the brief and how it’s described in there gig, then it’s not a valid reason to cancel.


You paid $15. You get what you pay for.


I’m pretty sure it’s not that cut and dry like you think it is.

The sellers advertise, among a ton of other guarantees, unique designs yet they are simply taking stock vectors, changing their color, and arranging them into a “design”.

So yeah, I believe I’m well within the terms of service to cancel based on the quality of the work.

Totally agree.

I just started using Fiverr and all of these YouTube videos sponsored by Fiverr gave me hope because they all feature low-priced gigs with exceptional results. I was a bit skeptical but I still gave several less known designers an opportunity to build their ranking.

For what it’s worth, I paid the highest end of their ranges.

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I don’t agree with you. I still have the option to cancel because of what was advertised in the gig. They did not stick to their end of the agreement bud.

Buyer Beware is a cornerstone of the Capitalist system for a very good reason. For commerce to work, it requires both sides of the process to be paying attention and preferably working to embiggen both of them equally.

This means that trying to get more than you give is the complete opposite of good commerce. Paying $20 or even $200 for a service that requires 20 hours of highly skilled work doesn’t ever make sense if the hoped-for outcome is to be worth more than the amount paid. $20 Logos are worth $20; or as you are realizing, more like $0.

Personally, while I understand why people do it, I have no time for sellers who offer $20 logos because they offer what they cannot deliver when they indicate this is as good as a $5,000 Logo. Still, any buyer who buys them is complicit in creating the (fully expected) poor outcome. We all know cigarettes are bad so if we choose to smoke them, we cannot blame the tobacco company or seller as it was our choice.

Here’s an extract from a article I published on my site recently discussing exactly this:

Someone reminded me rather pointedly that my idea of rates was all messed up seeing in the U.S.A. the base wage is $7.50ph. Ok, however in the U.S.A. people tip at least 10% of the bill so if over 1 hour you sling eggs at 10 tables at just $10ea, that is another $10 to bring that per hour to $17.50. Also in larger cities & remotely specialist roles the base wages easily double. So why pay less when you want specialist work done?

What makes that argument doubly dubious is when you see that most specialist work I land from US clients is under US$7.50ph. That is not even counting the jobs offered that even from basic math would be under $1 per hour. Rate sheets that circulate from the U.S.A. put a basic competent Mix Engineer at $35ph. This is not $7.50! Also, at least 50% of American buyers don’t tip either!!

Then people say India or other countries where (apparently) $1ph is a god-send. Fair enough, but I bet that if someone is that needy of $1 work, they probably don’t have the resources, let alone skill & experience to do the sort of high tech/skill work you would want delivered. Don’t believe me – go look on Fiverr at the work in portfolios and then the number of people complaining that the supposedly “unique high-quality logo” they were supposed to get is in fact a bit of clip-art from Word or a Google search.



I wouldn’t say better.

You get what you pay. My best advice to buyers regarding specific projects is to send a menssage to understand better how the freelance work and even ask for more relevant examples, to be sure that you will get what you want.


You don’t have to agree with me. It’s all there in the Terms of Service, the same ones you agreed to when you joined. You probably skimmed them originally… now would be a good time to go back and familiarise yourself with them, as they’re applicable to your situation;

“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.”

So in other words, unless you can prove (to Customer Support) that all 7 specifically advertised A, but clearly delivered B, no dice.

Also, there are (fortunately) measures in place to stop people from behaving the way you are. You can’t just ‘cancel’, that option doesn’t exist. You can;

  • Request that all 7 of your sellers agree to cancel, individually. Hopefully most, if not all, will refuse your request.
  • Go to Customer Support and ask them to cancel on your behalf. But 7 cancellations in one go/after each other will raise red flags, as you’re now no longer a customer, but a drain on their resources.

You came to the forum asking for advice, asking if you were being naive. Yes, yes you were. Why would you think you could get world-class results for $15? How would that work? Did you think this is where world-class professionals come to do charity work? Fiverr is very clearly a marketplace with a sliding scale; at one end, you pay top whack (thousands of dollars) for work. You would have seen that when you went searching for logos… you chose to ignore anyone over a certain price point, and now you’re paying the price.

Then, at the other end of the scale, you have people who are desperate, who will promise you the world for $5. The most basic of research of most of these sellers would you help you to rule them out, yet you chose to go fishing in those waters, no less than 7 times! And now you’re disappointed that you didn’t catch anything worth keeping. Go figure.

(Yes, some sellers do offer amazing results for $5 because they’re new and trying to make a name for themselves. But the trade-off for such low prices is that you’re taking a gamble. Your risk would have been much lower at the $150 price point.)

And you didn’t just order once, you ordered 7 times!? If you want to buy a good car, do you go and buy 7 trash cars, and hope they somehow merge? Or that one of them might be a diamond in the rough? Or would you not take your money and invest in one good car instead?

If you’d had one bad experience, and were willing to suck it up (because like I said before, someone has completed the requested work for you) then I’d have sympathy for you. But doing the same thing 7 times, and then expecting all 7 of those people to give you your money back, because of your mistake? Shameful behaviour.


You’ve gotten your answer OP. If you pay sellers pennies, don’t expect studio-grade work. There are experienced, high-level designers on fiverr and you passed them up to buy 7 mediocre designs. Weird choice IMO.


And you’ve just identified the answer. You might have paid the end of a seller’s range - but I bet that all (or nearly all) of those 7 sellers offered services starting at $5.

No self-resecting professional designer offers services starting at $5. The quality of a $5 design is going to be the same as a $15 design.

The simple truth is that the majority of the alleged logo designers who say they are professionals simply use logo designer websites. They’re not designers. It’s completely laughable as when you look at most people’s ‘portfolio’ - nearly all the designs share the same common look - because nearly everyone is using the same basic sites.

You only need to look through the forums to see that many new sellers come on here saying they are a professional logo designer. I suspect that the majority of them have simply seen a YouTube tutorial saying “you don’t need any skills” and “make money fast”. Nonsense. The only person making money is the originator of the video who is notching up those views and subscribers by promoting such nonsense.


I believe

Good luck!

$5 is not too much of a discrepancy price-wise to get different results. Not to mention that, as others have said, $20 is not only a proper price tag for the logo. It’s especially not a price tag for the logo if you want to be blown away.

Although if all 7 purchases turned out to be a disappointment, there might be something off about your brief. It might be confusing, very vague, contradicting, etc.

Study the portfolios, look for consistency and strongly defined style. Be prepared to pay more.


Actually, what happens is that they search “Top Paying Fiverr Gigs” and immediately run with the top search result. True story, almost happened to me :joy:

Those articles like to portray Logo Design and Article Writing as the Holy Grail and Gold Mines of Fiverr income that they are. That’s why those markets are overstated as f*ck.

Thank you this is a helpful post!

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You get what you pay for. Personally, I won’t do a logo for under $2k.

There are machine learning algorithms that make [crappy] logos for free. I see TikToks about people talking about how to make money on Fiverr doing just that. Just insert the business name and poof. Done!

Anyone who says they will do a logo for $15-20 is not a designer.


He will easily cancel orders and return the money, if not all 7, then 5 for sure. A friend of mine canceled 2 orders with a 5-star rating, despite the fact that 1-2 months have passed since the orders were closed (I don’t remember exactly). So, he will get his money back very easily. Fiverr is not for designers, but for buyers, suddenly you didn’t know that)))

In case if you didn’t know - there are no buyers without sellers, so Fiverr is for both.

UPD: from other your posts I got that your friend was the seller, not buyer. I deleted my long comment regarding this, but sentence “a friend of mine canceled 2 orders” sounds like your friend ordered something and decided to cancel the orders after some time.