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Buyer fully satisfied but left 4 Star review


Buyer fully satisfied and left 4 stars. I asked why it’s 4?
The buyer said,“I never gave 5 stars, 4 stars are my highest” lol


Do you give them reviews? @baimran


Yes! I also left 4 star :smiley:


Try to send buyer request daily.


In my case, i never got less than 5 start and they give me good reviews too and so i give them 5 star! @baimran


It takes time for like a week or so to get your first order, check the buyers request daily and promote your gig and do remember to make your customers satisfied. Deliver the work on time. @taimoorarya


you can maintain 5 stars for two or three reviews but not for more than two hundreds :smiley: @shrutiinani


oh yeah this is true! But at least we can try. Though if you have 4 start after 200 hundred orders, you are doing great! Keep up the good job @baimran


thanks main problem is to make attractive gig for new users and is there any way to promote gig so that it can reach to more buyers


Give your best to make the gig, you can refer google for ideas. And about promotion then you can use your social media sites to promote or share the link to people.


Oppss… It’s really pathetic brother @baimran


In a world where a 4 star review is devastating :frowning: Bummer, man. Sorry to hear this. At the end of the day, though, it’s just a drop in the bucket, and in your situation, it’s almost meaningless.


Then how do you explain sellers with thousands of 5 star reviews?


they also do have some 4 stars but the 5 stars being alot makes the average very close to 5 stars , and hence it shows their overall rating as 5.


So just go on with your daily routine.


A 4-star review is NOT a bad review.

Why would this matter? You don’t deserve 5-star reviews. And a buyer is allowed to leave any review they feel reflects the service that you delivered.

Why the “lol”? Is this supposed to be funny? If this is the buyer’s personal review policy, why are you unable to accept it?


It is if it contributes to a feedback score of less than 4.8 on the 15th of the month. :wink:

I agree that in general 4 stars isn’t bad, but with evaluations based on the figures they are, sellers are going to be concerned if they get fewer than 5 stars for every order.




You handled the situation perfectly.


They are the exception. We should not be held to their standards.

We are! We’re all a few orders away from getting demoted. It’s very stressful. A buyer who doesn’t give more than 4 stars out of principle needs to be reported to CS, CS needs to have a conversation with him. If 5 stars is the maximum and if he has no complaints, he should give 5 stars or no stars. 4 stars is when it’s really good but not perfect. 3 stars is for satisfactory. 2 stars for poor, 1 star for terrible. That’s how most people understand the ratings.