Buyer gave 3 stars even after multiple revisions


I am a level 2 seller and has written Unlimited Revisions in my gig description (which I do provide). So yesterday, a buyer placed an order and asked for multiple revisions. I went above and beyond to cater all the design changes on her end as she was not sure what she wanted.

After several design changes, I sent her a gig extra for more revisions because the design was being changed but she said that she placed the order because my gig said: Unlimited Revisions.

Now I cannot design 10 different things and keep it under the ‘Unlimited Revisions’ part.

Well, I told the buyer that now I will make one more revision for free and she said okay. So done with the changes and order delivery, what I get is a 3 STAR RATING! I am amazed.

Surely, this does not affect my rating, but a few more such buyers and my ranking is going to dwindle.


Well, those 3 stars most likely reflect the fact that the buyer expected unlimited free revisions to also include free redesigns, since you haven’t explained in your descriptions what revisions mean :wink:

This happens very often, where buyers don’t see the difference between revision and redesign, which is why it is the seller’s job to educate their buyers by properly explaining in their gig descriptions what revisions mean/include, and how they are not redesigns. This is because across categories, revisions can mean several different things, and it’s best if the buyer knows exactly what to expect in that regard.


Just write in your gig unlimited $ for unlimited revisions :joy:

Speaking seriously though, I agree with @Woofy31, saying unlimited revisions is pretty vague and people will take advantage without you specifying details more precisely. You have been tried :slight_smile:


Thanks. I will add that in my gig. :slight_smile:


Yes, I get it now.

The only reason she gave that rating is because I asked for a few more $$ for so much of work. :smiley:


You should get rid of the unlimited revision. Buyers look at your live portfolio, gig description and reviews when deciding to hire you.

No buyer will skip you because you don’t offer unlimited revision. I have skipped seller because they charge for commercial use, but never because of revision.


Here’s my suggestion…

In your gig description— There are no free revisions after the first (#?), however in the unlikely event you should need one, then one will be offered to you at a discount of (%?)."

Then with each revision delivery, include “revision #” in the filename with each delivery. When you get the the last one, add “final” to the filename along with a FRIENDLY reminder of what they agreed to when they placed their order.

IMHO - I think that Buyers get wrapped up in the pressure of getting their project done and need reminders of what they agreed to when they made the purchase. To assume they’re all after free stuff is wrong and is throwing the baby out with the bathwater!


As you offer unlimited revisions you are opening yourself up to the type of buyer who puts minimal effort into their purchase - why would they try to get everything right first time when you will do unlimited revisions?
Also, you did not “go above and beyond” for this client, unlimited revisions is your standard gig so 1000 revisions would not be above and beyond.
Further to what @Woofy31 said, unlimited revisions need to be defined. What does unlimited mean? Does it mean there is no limit to the number of revisions? No limit to what can be asked for? No limit to the number of changes? No limit to the amount of time? Be extremely specific in what you offer but to be honest, I would avoid saying unlimited revisions, put a number on it and make the buyer have to consider what they are asking for each time.