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Buyer gave 4 star. I want to cancel the order

The buyer gave 4-star review with a good comment even though her requirements were 100% fulfilled and till the end, she was happy and had no objection. Now can I cancel the order by contacting customer support? will it remove that review and will it affect my order completion rate? Looking for some advice.
Thank you.

4 star review is a good review. Why do you want to remove it? I am not sure about the cancellation, but sure that the review can not be removed.


That would be manipulation with feedback and that is against the tos


Reviews are permanent; cancelling an order doesn’t remove the review. There is no way you can remove a review. Even deleting your gig will not remove the review from your profile.



Yes, you can, but

it won’t remove the review, and it will affect the completion rate.

Also, if you just hint to Customer Support that you want the order to be cancelled so that the review is removed, you’re likely to get an account warning.


Thanks a lot. I think I should leave that as it is.

Thank you all for your valuable advice. I really appreciate this. I think I should keep it as it is.