Buyer gave 4 stars for late delivery, I delivered a day before deadline


So a buyer just gave me my first 4 star review, saying that I took too long to deliver.
They had purchased the cheapest option which has a delivery deadline of 4 days. I delivered in 3 and they are unhappy about it.

I think this is unfair, if they wanted a quicker delivery they should have purchased the extra fast delivery option.

Is there any way I can change this 4 star review to 5 stars?


Buyer can do anything. fiverr support them more than sellers.


I am sad to hear that you had a bad experience with a buyer. Try to contact your buyer politely and explain to him that you were not late and ask for a change in review.

Note: You can only ask for a change in the review once.


If reasoning with him does not work, what I would do is reply to the buyer explaining this so that everyone can see, give him a low review in return, and be wary of him in the future. Perhaps publicly post a screen of the date you have received the gig and date you have delivered? (if at all possible, and not against Fiverr terms).


Always reply to your buyers’ reviews in a professional manner, explaining from your side what happened. If buyers see you leaving others low reviews, they will choose not to deal with you.

4 stars is not a negative review.


You are right, but if a buyer does injustice to you, I think he needs a lower (EDIT) review. 4 stars is not that bad you are correct, but why should one allow oneself to be treated unfairly when one had actually delivered earlier?

Good treatment should go both ways. No way one should accept bad treatment from clients if one did not deserve it, and what is more outdone himself to over deliver.

In dealing clients face to face, one tends to either not deal with clients that have bad manners, or charge more for their bad attitude. Goes both ways.


@adityasharma3d you left the perfect response for the buyer - 5 stars, and as a buyer, it reads really well! :slight_smile:

@render_worx I fear you may be looking for trouble as a Fiverr seller before you start. Four stars, as we’ve agreed, is not a negative review. Why would you want to give the buyer less than that to ‘get your own back’? There are buyers who never give 5 stars for any purchase.


I would give the buyer 4 stars as well :slight_smile: and its not about 4 stars, its about the buyer not telling the truth in regards to one being late with their delivery. 4 stars for quality is alright, but saying that it is for something that is not true is not.
Remember other clients might read this and get an impression that one is sloppy and does not send in work on time.
Again especially if there is no reasoning with a client.

Ps. I edited my previous post and highlighted the edited part.


Hold on, hold on. I read the clients comments now. Its not for taking “too long to deliver”, its because he “was hoping for faster results”.
Different wording and perhaps not as harsh. In this case I would just remind the client that the gig stated the time frame and that is that.

The review the client left, along with a sensible response will not leave a negative mark in the comments, however the question is if those 4 stars are for quality or for what the client thought of regardless of the gig outline which he agreed on by signing for it and paying for it in the end.

In the end an odd apple does not make the apple juice bitter, I do admit. And perhaps it is best not to waste too much energy on similar cases. However taking a stand once in a while is beneficial for the whole Fiverr comunity I believe.


I agree with pretty much everyone here that you should reach out to the Buyer once and ask them to consider a review revision before you leave your own. Explain that you delivered ahead of schedule within the purchased duration time (attach a screenshot showing this) and note how much reviews affect you as a Seller good or bad.

The important thing is that the review is actually accurate, in which case the Buyer’s is not if they stated it was late when it wasn’t.

If they say no, simply rate them accordingly to your own experience with them (you have this ability too, so use it) and explain in your review details that the order wasn’t late and was delivered ahead of scheduled well within the duration time or the advertised delivery.

Buyers aren’t going to shy away from you because you give a review with your own experience with a Buyer when they clearly stated something that is false and you have the backbone to rate them and address the issue professionally yet in a public manner.

If there was no discussion prior about the delivery time/date between you and the Buyer I might ask CS first about what you should do if the Buyer is stating false information in their comment. Not sure what they will say or do, but it doesn’t hurt to simply ask. Be sure to provide screenshots!


They kinda have too, this is actually the reason why so many buyers keep coming back to fiverr. But I haven’t yet had any bad experiences with the fiverr support.

Didn’t knew that, I messaged them twice and then raised a dispute.

I understand where you are coming from and if this was my site or I was dealing with the seller face to face I would have handled this with a bit more aggressive stance but I think that’s a compromise you have to make when dealing on a platform/through third party.

I choose to give the seller a 5 star as I don’t think it will do me any good to give the seller a lower rating, they had clear instructions and didn’t bother me much, except for the review. If I give them lower rating that will be only out of spite and I don’t want to do that.

I have started a dispute and tried my best to explan the seller that they can choose faster delivery options in future, through the extras, but as I had delivered the project before deadline I would appreciate if they can change it accordingly.


You’re not wrong. But to get into a pissing contest with a buyer, on Fiverr no less, well you stand to lose more than your moral victory of getting the last laugh. In this case, if the buyer is going to dig their toes in; simply move on but don’t deal with them again.


Of course you will do as you wish, but giving a seller full marks might not make others aware that he sure is no “saint”, if he does not retract his false statement.
It is also up to us to mark buyers, which is why this option is available, just to hint one to another to be careful. This is what buyers do also in giving out marks to sellers, when they are sincere.

So no, I don’t believe that this would be only out of spite (also 4 mark for 4 marks is legit in my opinion in this situation), but would act as a warning to other sellers (@solutionshub_au), and not a pissing contest.

However I did spend enough time on this thread :wink: going back to work.


I do agree that if all sellers started doing this, as you described, buyers will start being a bit more understanding but I doubt a review does anything to them, especially since the buyer reviews are never shown to sellers when they come to order something.
I also think if I give him 4 stars it will make him/her less likely to change the review. :smiley:


Buyers reviews are never shown to sellers? Why is that? What function do they have then? :confused:

You are right about him not changing your review after the 4 star rating, which is why I would wait until I am certain that he does not change his review (who knows maybe he will), and then issue the 4 star review :wink:

However it does not make sense if sellers indeed don’t see buyers review…


I know it sounds crazy, I can’t believe how fiverr thinks this is fair.
The biggest problem with fiverr is actually we, the sellers. We need to be unified in matters like these, so we can demand fiverr to make changes accordingly. Unfortunately we don’t.

Recently @thepromogirl had started a petition, which simply pointed out how sometimes buyers make mistakes and sellers are forced to cancel orders, for which fiverr punishes them by ranking them lower on the search page. Yet, sellers were divided for something so simple and rational.



Buyer has declined to revise the rating, this is the buyers response.

I responded to you truthfully. You did good, and that is how I rated you. I also took the time to tell you that a personal note would have been better than a canned response. I have plenty more work, but wanted to give you a trial run. Delivering in 3 days instead of four is not the only thing that would make your service great. This is not my first time to use Fiverr as I have been a customer for many, many years. As far as your comment regarding earnings potential, that is your choice how you handle new customers, but it is certainly not a way to gain additional business. I gave you a good rating.

I had to resend the message as I was getting an error message when I was sending the message.

This is how I responded:

You were truthful but you were also hopeful. I think expecting me to over deliver is unfair.

I delivered as per the contract we had, as per the gig you purchased and I delivered before time.

It wasn’t a canned response, I never use canned responses. I had to resend the message because I was getting error messages.

If someone purchases the extra fast delivery option, it is my duty to provide them a faster delivery, choice has nothing to do with it, it’s a way to make a sustainable living.

I apologize that I couldn’t deliver 20$ worth of service for 10$.


Nicely explain to the buyer that it indicates in your gig that it takes ____ amount of time to deliver your order. Tell them that you took much time and effort to perform their order and tell them you would appreciate it if they could reconsider their review they have left.



I have great deal of respect for you. It’s truly amazing how well you are able to keep your emotion in check.

Thank you for being a great seller and professional. :grinning:

Sincerely, Gina


I think it would be useless to talk to him he may change it to even worse. If he was that good a buyer he wouldn’t have done it in the first place.