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Buyer gave a 3.5 rating in my VO gig because he "didn't like my voice"

I just got a low 3.5 rating (and I consider it low, taking into consideration I have a solid 5-star rating on Fiverr), just because a buyer, who even asked for corrections which I promptly delivered when asked for, didn’t “like my voice”, even though he could listen to my demo and plenty of project samples before ordering my VO gig.

I just opened a ticket to remove that rating. I consider it unfair, because I didn’t offer a bad service, he just didn’t “like my voice” in the end, which is something the buyer should have considered BEFORE ordering.

Another thing is this new “rate the buyer before knowing your rating” thing. You eventually end up giving a great rating to a buyer that gives you a bad rating for a promptly delivered gig, and then what? It just looks dumb.


I know this really hurts when buyer didn’t check your demos and orders blindly. But in the end its buyer’s choice to send us feedback and we can’t do any thing about that!! I’ve also got 2 stars just same similar case. So just ignore it and move on, a single 3.5 star will not impact hugely on your profile.

and for this there is already huge debate going on forum. You can check this thread.


Don’t ask your buyer to change the rating
You may get a warning for soliciting the review


I didn’t. I just let it go and move on, but I believe this new rating system is unfair, because I even left the buyer a 5 star review, since it’s been YEARS of 5-star rating in my profile, so I guess I just have to take the bullet and move on.

That is what we all can do.
Earlier we had an option to request for a change in review if we felt it was unfair but now we just can take the bullet and move on