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Buyer gave bad rating by mistake

Today I completed an order and my buyer leave feedback.
He wrote in feedback “Excellent work. Fast communication. Great seller.” but He gave me 1 star review.
And then I thought may be he did not know that 1 star is for excellent or for poor feedback, I talked to him and he said that he gave 5 stars but that become 1star, he was saying that its look like a bug in fiverr. He also did message to customer support about that, and me also sent message to the customer support from that order resolution center.
I did not get any reply from Fiverr till now.
I read on forum that there is option on seller side in resolution center to request buyer to change review but there is no such option.
Please help me in this regard.


Unfortunately you cannot change any reviews for any reason even if it was a mistake.

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and fiverr customer support is also helpless in this?

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Yes they cannot change a review.

but there should be a way of this.

Yes… But there isn’t.

I also hope that you don’t get a ToS warning from Fiverr for this. :crossed_fingers:


@hanshuber16 thanks for this terrible prediction :disappointed_relieved:

How is it terrible? I only said I hope that you don’t get a warning. :slight_smile:

This is really sad to hear but nothing to do. I will suggest you to keep continue to do your hard work. You will overcome soon :slight_smile:

All the best :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your situation but let’s just face the truth you can not do anything about it!

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It’s frustrating, something similar has just happened to me. I left a protest comment on their official facebook, I know nothing will change but at least more people will know how fiverr treats their sellers.

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Its unfortunate and totally frustrating, but has no doubt come about due to countless sellers harassing buyers to change their reviews in the past, which is annoying to buyers and probably creates a heap of customer service work in itself. I think they’ve decided that if someone is going to be annoyed, it will be sellers, because genuine mistakes like this are probably FAR less frequent than sellers begging their buyers to change a review…

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Good News!!
As I told you all that my buyer did contact with customer support about this problem and now his review has been successfully changed from 1 to 5 star :slight_smile:


Hello. I have same problem , write please how you contact with customer service ?


If you read the entire thread, you would realize that it is not a good idea to contact Fiverr’s customer support about reviews. Even if the buyer gave a bad rating by mistake, there’s nothing you can do about it. If either you or (even) the buyer were to contact customer support and inquire about the review, you might get a ToS warning. It is better to just let it go and move on.

The outcome of your case/support ticket may not be the same as that of the OP as your case/situation may not be the exact same as the OP’s. Fiverr’s customer support reviews each case individually and takes all the relevant parameters into consideration before making a final decision.


No! You should never contact customer support asking them to change a review that has been made by mistake. I learned it the hard way. I did it once for the same exact reason (buyer admitted he placed the 1 star review by mistake while he wanted to leave a 5 star review. The outcome of this was receiving a warning from customer support saying I violated the TOS. So, no, there is no way to change the review. No matter how hard it is, just accept it.


@paschalisblack did you attached any proof?
As when I contacted them I also attached the buyers messages screen shot as the proof.
And from there buyer also had contacted to the customer support.
I did not had any hope of chanhing the review after reading comments of people over here. But as I wrote in my above last comment that review have been changed.
By the way fiver customer support did not reply me of my complain. All thing was done(review changed) due to the buyer complain.

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Yes, I attached every proof and I even asked my buyer to contant customer support also aboiut this issue, which he did. But still, the only thing I succed is to get a warning.

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Its me again. I posted this 1 year ago but now I have gain much more experience about this platform. Probably they changed that ratings because the buyer also had opened a ticket to them.

My suggestion is, do not contact to the buyer or cs about changing the rating. My case was rare but most of the time people get warning when they talk about this rating with the CS.

Even if it was by mistake, let it there and do hard work for more and more 5 star ratings.
Good luck all!

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Contact Customer Support…Hope so you problem will be solved soon!!!