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Buyer gave his personel info


I got an order and I sent a file to buyer which he was not able to open it due to some technical issue on buyer’s side. He then sent me his/her g-m-a-i-l id so that I can transfer the file and I clearly wrote that I strictly follow fiverr TOS rules and I strictly follow them. So my question is will my account be safe from any warning or ban?
As far as file is concerned buyer was able to open the file which I sent earlier.



It’s against the Fiverr TOS to communicate with your seller or buyer outside of Fiverr.

There are some occasional cases where Fiverr will allow this, but you should always contact them first!

Since you refused to give your email, I would say that your account is safe. Just a head up, you can always send files through Fiverr. There’s no need to email them!


Well I did not asked for the information, buyer gave it itself and I cleared it that I work only here at fiverr and I follow fiverr TOS rules. Still I am really concerned over this. As most buyer don’t know the rules so what should be done in that case?

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I think your account will be safe because you didn’t break fiver ToS.

That’s why I said, in my reply above, that your account would probably be safe.

Is your order with this buyer completed? If so, block them and report their message where they asked for your email or gave you their email.

Yes its completed…report the message to fiverr CS? how?

Block the buyer first!

Then, go to the message where they shared their email and if you hover over it, there should be two options. One of the options will say “spam” and the other will say “report”. Click the “report” button and then select the reason that their message should be reported!

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I first blocked the buyer and message then went to spam. When I go to spam messages and when I hover over it nothing shows like report or spam…what should I do?

Are you on a desktop? Maybe try unblocking him and then reporting him.

yes from desktop
ok I will try that

Yea I just reported to that message and now should I block him as well?

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Yep! If you block him, he won’t be able to message you or order from you again!

Got it…Thank you for your help. But still I am in doubt will I be warned from fiverr about this or not?
Hoping everything remains all okay

You won’t receive a warning from Fiverr unless you sent him an email or communicated outside of Fiverr in any other way.

I did not sent him my emaile or any other information on fiverr chat…

Then you’re perfectly fine!

Do fiverr has access to our em-ails as well…lets suppose if I would have have sent an em-ail to buyer (Which I did not sent) can they monitor that as well? If yes then I am surprised by that

Noooo… if they went through all of your emails, they would be invading your privacy and basically hacking you. Fiverr doesn’t have access to your emails.

As I said before, if you kept all of the communication on Fiverr, then you’ll be perfectly fine.

If you were to type in your email address in the message box or mention any other words that are triggers - the message box would turn RED and you would get a warning about what you are typing so you have a chance to go back, erase it and not get a warning.

Fiverr has access to all messages we send as well as the files that are sent through their file delivery system. I doubt there is a department that just goes through looking for messages or files that will get people warnings, suspended or banned though - they have enough work trying to answer all the customer request tickets on a daily basis!