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Buyer gave me 1.4 stars


I’m new to fiverr. After this thing happen now i can’t send any buyer request. That mean i cant no longer use this account to do my work as freelancer. I contact that lot of time but he didn’t reply at all. So is there anyway to fix this issue. Or should disable this account now. Thanks for any help comment.


You should try explaining what really happened in your reply to his review.
Which will help other buyers to order from you.


If it helps, I see the negative review and this is not a typical negative review I would take so seriously as a buyer, just because of the way he wrote and “generalising” a very subjective opinion towards an entire nation… Rather than creating a new account which is against fiverr’s TOS, I would see that you get a few more 5* reviews in which case that one poorly written negative review will become pretty much meaningless. Don’t be discouraged.