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Buyer gave me 2.3 star and bad review after I did everything I was asked to do


This buyer particular gave me bad review after I gave him/her everything they asked. First he/she asked me for cheap price for more add-ons and I did. He/she keeps asking for more but for a lower price such as a 3D Model file and Source Project which I declined. Then asked revision that I think isn’t necessary because the intro was already looking good but I did a revision anyway.

Then he/she gave me a bad review after all that. I think I don’t deserve such a bad review after doing everything. And besides, all my past clients are so satisfied for the service that I gave them. I have a perfect 5.0 star since I started.

Do you think they do this on purpose? What should I do to undo or make them edit the rating and review they gave me?

Thanks in advance.

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Please remove the buyer’s name from your post. It is against forum rules

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Will do. Sorry about that.

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Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about the review. However what you can do is respond to it - politely! - telling your side of the story.

Try not to stress too much about this - it happens to us all. At least you got paid.


I’m just pissed that they can do this after doing everything. I didn’t expect to get this bad review. I worked hard for the project. Is it possible that they do this on purpose to bring down other sellers?

It’s possible. It’s also possible they’re just plain unpleasant. Either way, you have no control over them or their review, so put it down to experience and move on.

On the bright side, some buyers think that a pristine all 5* review on a gig means they’re all fake. So they’re not going to think that about yours - or mine either!


Another problem that I have is I already gave them 5 star and nice review before I read their review.
I was hoping that they’d give me something similar but no. This is so unfair.

Not to worry. Just look out for red flags in future.

None of us want to give bad reviews, so tend to give good ones. My default “look out for this buyer” review is … “thank you for your order” .


Got it. I guess I’ll just leave it for now but I will still be looking up for solutions for this.
Thanks for your replies! This is really helpful!

I have a new video coming up in the next week about how to protect yourself from scummy buyers. Keep an eye out for it.


That’s gonna be helpful as well. Keep me posted!

Those almost always turn out to be trouble. You’d think they’d be grateful because you’re doing them a favor by lowering your price, but no, they just keep demanding more and act entitled.


True! They also compared my gig to others which are templates and mine isn’t. Like they’re saying how come mine is so pricy and others aren’t. I said to read my FAQs. I also included in the description that the project is gonna be a 100% original and not a template.

So I don’t think I did something wrong or something isn’t right on my side.