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Buyer gave me 3.7 ratings and is nowhere to be seen even though my work was awesome

I just joined Fiverr 2 months ago. But some 5 days ago one of my buyer gave me 3.7 ratings even after I did awesome work. Now he is nowhere to seen. I even contacted Fiverr. They haven’t replied still… It takes 10-15 days for them to reply now. My account is already demoted and I cant send any more offers or receive new orders.
This is the first ratings i received. Previously 4 orders were there… they didn’t rate me.
Its so bad. I had made up my account good now. Was sure of getting new orders as i have posted 7 gigs now. Its so sad. Please help me… Please someone…

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Buyers who leave a rating of 3.7 probably thought carefully about their feedback. It’s not like they gave you a rating of 1 to try and ruin you, or a rating of 5 to say you are brilliant. They gave you 3.7. If you do the maths that’s 74% positive. Not bad. You might not agree with your buyer, but that sounds like very deliberate and fair feedback.

There is a school of thought among some longterm Fiverr buyers and sellers (a few people have mentioned this on the forums), that people don’t leave feedback for one of two reasons - either because they can’t be bothered, or because they only received an ‘okay’ service but it wasn’t actually that good. Therefore it’s just nicer for everyone to move on.

The fact that you say you did awesome work doesn’t mean a thing. Your interpretation of “awesome” might be someone else’s “it’s okay”. I’ve never seen your work, so I’m not passing judgement - I’m just saying that interpretations and expectations differ.

Contacting Fiverr support about feedback is never a good idea - unless the feedback was defamatory or a personal attack on you. Based on what I’ve experienced and what I’ve read on the forums, they are not going to do anything with your complaint. Your buyer left above average feedback - but for some reason you think you were entitled to something better.

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Yes i understand that 3.7 is 74% which is good but I am not able to work now or accept any request. That’s the problem. This ratings system is not good. One should not maintain a rating of 4.7 intact for 2 months or more…

Now what to do?
They haven’t reply me and I am not able to work. Its so frustrating


You are missing the point. Four buyers chose not to review you, possibly because they considered it more polite not to leave a review rather than to leave a poor review. And one buyer chose to leave a review giving you 3.7 out of 5. They rated you based on the service they believe they’d received.

Rather than accept the feedback and analyse how you can do better next time, you are instead wanting to be the victim and to blame your buyers and the system. You are saying “It’s not me, it’s everyone else that’s the problem”. Sellers who don’t listen to what their buyers tell them are bad sellers. Sellers who describe their work as “awesome” when their buyers think otherwise are bad sellers.

The feedback rating system works well overall. Why do you think there are some sellers with hundreds or thousands of 5 star feedback reviews? And some sellers with a handful of negative reviews and no sales for many weeks, months or years?

You need to accept responsibility for your feedback score, to stop blaming others, to stop describing your work as “awesome”, to work out how you can improve the service you offer, and to never reach out to customer support just because you don’t like the good review you’ve received - simply because you believe you deserved a 5 star perfect review.

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I don’t deserve 5 star perfect review. You are not getting the point. I can only work if I get 4.7 ratings at least. Now my account is in hold. Its better they don’t review. We cant always be perfect or get 5 star reviews…

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