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Buyer gave me 3 star and claims that his assistant clicked it wrongly

I did the work for a buyer where really liked my work. He tried to compare the work I did with the previous person he had assigned and said that mine was professional. The problem comes when marking the order complete where he dragged his feet and finally gave a 3 star rate. I asked him where i went wrong but he said that his assistant marked it wrongly.


It can happen, just politely ask him to modify the review if it is ok. Never happened to me though, so I do not have the experience on how to do it. But I bet someone here will advise you how to proceed.


Select that order … Click on " Visit resolution Center" . .Click on modify feedback

Now your buyer can change his current feedback…But do not try it every time they provide you a low rating ! Best of luck

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Thanks a Lot @designetoimur

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Thank you @juanwriter

Okay. Thanks a lot. Will do that

I did that once when the buyer said she marked the wrong star.

While doing that i was warned that the search placements of that gig might take a hit


This happened before, the Buyer stated he had chunky fingers, so it was a mishap. The resolution center worked out well.