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Buyer gave me 4.3 stars rating. Did he like my service?

Hi, this is my story:

I had an order, and I was in my studio by the time I got the order. I recorded the job and sent it being ultra fast with my delivery time.
After a few hours, he requested a revision changing the tone and correcting the pronunciation in one word. I made it again in less than 20 minutes with no problem and being super receptive.
The project was not different to the other 250 projects i’ve done here in fiverr, receiving 5 stars EVERY time.

This time, after making a 3 days order in less than half an hour, the client accepts the order and gives me a 4.3 stars review.

And I wonder, did he like my service? did he hate my service? Did he make a mistake? Did I make a mistake?
I think it’s a terrible thing to do to review somebody 4.3 stars because it tells nothing about your service.

This can be more frustrating than receiving a 1 or a 3 stars rating.

What do you think?


Yes, I find it very frustrating; mainly because the buyer often thinks they have given you a good rating. They don’s understand how damnig this 4.3 review can be.


There are some buyers out there who always rate 4 stars just for the heck of it; even if they really love your work. Pretty annoying.


Thanks God. I never force my buyers for reviews. Bad reviews will destroy your rating.

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I’ve been completed 9 orders but got six 5* reviews. :heart_eyes:

I get buyers who give 1 star reviews because I won’t cancel orders. They always want a freebie.


It’s never good to force them, but in my delivery message, I encourage them to do it if they want it.
After all, if you are secure about your work, there should be nothing to be afraid of.


This is very sad. You should ask their requirements and needs before starting orders.

You are allowed to ask them if they intended to give you 4.3 stars since there is a common bug on the app that changes a 5 star review into a 4.3 or 4.7.

And right now the only way to let them correct it to 5 stars is to use the resolution center to request them to do that.

Make sure you let them know that if they did intend to leave 4.3 stars it is ok with you so it doesn’t get mistaken for a request to change it for some other reason.

Hi Crystal! Thanks for your reply.
I think he intended to leave me that review. I don’t want to push him to do anything, but I wrote him a DM and told him that if he wasn’t completely satisfied with my service, I would have made him another revision until he got completely satisfied with no problem at all.

I think that the damage is done and I just need to accept it. But my way of dealing with it is writting this post here :smiley:


I remember the time when the buyers were reviewing the sellers by “thumb up” and “thumb down”.
Now generally every 4 star and lower review is considered as “thumb down” anyway… :roll_eyes:
“good experience” and “satisfactionary experience” should sound positive
but… 3 or 4 stars highlited from possible 5 look kind of negative and I think this graphic review speaks stronger.

ofc you’re able to remain your current level and get promoted only with 4,5 and 5 stars raitngs, but much better with 5 stars only. That means you actually are not “good” with only 4 stars ratings, because you’re loosing your levels and development opportunities. So yeah, I think I could say that everything under (or equal) 4 stars is the old “thumb down” after all.

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When a buyer contact with you to place a order, at first check buyer’s background.

I think that not all buyers understand that they are doing you a disservice when they rate you less than 5*. It’s a crazy system though; it’s all or nothing, at least it seems that way to me.

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i did a recent job with a client, I did extra work with the same budget (5) and hew was fully satisfied with the job. but in the review, he types good review but 4.3 ratings, as this is +tv rating but it brake out my 5 stars line. i think these types of all buyers are narrow minds. just forgot it and go ahead with your full force and ignore this type of guy in the future as your rating is more important than .

Thank you

you did a great job because this gives lesson to buyer. but do not did this in future because negative review didn’t remove