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Buyer gave me 4 star accidentally

Hey guys. A buyer Who is new to fiverr wants to gave me 5 star but accidentally he clicked on 4 star and is there any way so buyer can change the review?

No, there is no way to change it.

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4 star is not a bad review. And remember that given reviews can not be change.
You have to be satisfied :unamused:

Ohh. That’s bad for me. I 'm new on fiverr and today I got my 4th review and now my rating is 4.5.

Yup I know it’s not a very bad. But I have only 3 reviews so It’s bad for me. But will see

This is a costly mistake done by your buyer and you will have to live with it
these are the options you have

  1. Contact Customer support about it (You will get a warning on your account) Not Recommended
  2. Live with it and start sending Buyer requests for more work and do a good job for better rating

Review can not be changed

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Yeah Right I don’t want any waring on my account. Thanks

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I saw 4.7 rating not 4 and overall rating 4.9, it is fine.

Sorry, as others have said you can’t do anything about it. Even discussing this with your buyer is deemed a breach of Fiverr’s terms of service.

This is what the TOS states: Users are to refrain from spamming or soliciting previous Buyers or Sellers to pursue removing/modifying reviews or cancelling orders that do not align on Order Cancellation or Feedback policies.

Sadly you will have to live with it.

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