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Buyer gave me 5 star with random texts

A buyer accepted my order and marked as complete but he reviewed with ramdom texts “xdfgbxcdfvgbdfbg”

What should i do?

I contacted him on messages but he didnt reply.


Fiverr has changed - buyers cannot change their review anymore once they left it. Only you, the seller, can ask your buyer to change their review using the Resolution Center, and you only have 1 chance.

However, if I was you, I wouldn’t ask the buyer to change their review, because they might get annoyed by your request and leave you a negative review instead :wink:


There is nothing you can do but try to forget about it.


Just forget it rather to be fraustrated


If the buyer rated you 5 star, the text review doesn’t matter, may be he was too busy to think of a good review. If he didn’t, It still doesn’t matter. There are so many buyers out there who are happy to spend time for giving you great reviews. Just keep up your good works. Best of luck.

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Humm, I haven’t bought in two weeks, but someone mentioned the auto generated “Outstanding Experience” is gone and buyers have to write something?

Perhaps this buyer got annoyed with that and typed in random text to fulfill tgat requirement? :thinking:

Oh, I’ll buy a gig to see this new review system. :neutral_face:


Damn…they took away “Outstanding Experience”? That could upset a lot of buyers. Why does Fiverr do such things? Fiverr should hire a buyer - Gina and a seller - Eoin as consultants. Get advice from real buyers and sellers.

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I think it was 5r’s way of forcing buyers to leave a written review.

I’ll have to buy something to see the new process.

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If so, definitely no good idea, what about ‘browse, buy, done’ i. e. ‘click 5 stars, done’, in this case…


can we ask buyers to give reviews during delivery.