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Buyer gave me a negative review by mistake

So a buyer just rated the order with 4.3 stars instead of 5 stars by mistake. He gave me 4 stars on service as described and 4 stars on buy again or recommend to a friend. But his review said he was very happy and he would order again. I asked him what could I improve and he told me he did it by mistake cause he was on his mobile. I’ve been a seller on Fiverr for more than a year and I’ve always had 5-star ratings and it kinda sucks I got that rating by mistake. Is there anything that I can do to change it?


A 4.3 rating won’t harm you. Customer service won’t change it, they generally refuse to do this.

My suggestion is just ignore it. 4.3 isn’t bad rating. If you try to contact with CS and want to change your review. They won’t help you. With the bonus you will get a TOS.

bad idea… he might get a warning or even worse


Be careful, sellers now get warnings even for questions like that one, or for just mentioning the review to the buyer.

Also, 4.3 isn’t a negative review.


Not really bad, depending on the number 5 stars you have.

The same thing happened with me on my last order, the buyer said he wanted to give me 4.9 but accidentally gave 4.3. I asked CS about that, is there anything we can do to resolve this matter. They responded.

So, just ask the buyer to contact the customer support only once, because repeated reminders may irritate him/her. I think 4.3 is also in the category of positive reviews, so don’t need to worry.

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That would be solicitation, and OP would be likely to get an account warning.


4.3 rating won’t harm your profile, just protect your self from cancellation of order, if you cancel few orders your gig will down graded and this will effect your profile

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No, If in case a buyer asked the seller that he/she wants to modify/correct their mistake while giving a review. That’s what happened in my case. You should only ask the buyer to contact CS if he’s asking about a way to correct/modify the review otherwise you can’t. Although 4.3 is a positive review and buyer comments were also very positive in my case.

It happened in some other cases, too, as we have seen on the forum, and the sellers received account warnings.

I suppose that it might also depend on the CS agent you get to work with.


Its only a way how you’re asking the CS. I didn’t said that I want my review to be modified/removed because I didn’t deserve it. I said Buyer mistakenly gave me a lower rating and he wants to correct/modify it. If there’s any possibility that we can resolve this matter, please help us out. That’s it. And the response was very positive as well. I don’t know the review can still be changed/corrected if buyer asks him (although he wants to correct his mistake), but still it was worth asking for.

What 's wrong with this system? freelancers work hard with dedication and when something like this happen which they dont deserve, they can’t even raise a question? !!! Pathetic!

4.3 is not a bad rating at all. Be happy with that. Last week I got a 4.3 star rating with a nice tip and a great comment.

Recently something similar happened to me as well. Best thing to do is ignore it buddy.