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Buyer gave me a tip not review? Need guidance

Hi fiverrers, Buyer gave me a tip not review and order is completed now. Is there any chance he can still give me a review or not?
Thanks in advance.

Buyers have 10 days after the order is delivered to leave a review. Has it been ten days since you delivered your work?

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No, just 3 days only

You will get few buyer they are not interested to give review or they don’t have enough time, you should not request to give a review as you didn’t request to give tip but you already got it, so wait if you are lucky maybe you will get it. My real experience: I am still working with on of my best buyer, and 20+ order already have done but I have gotten only 4/5 reviews and it was after humble request that time i realize and then I didn’t request anymore but we are still working together. Its totally depends on buyer.


You are incorrect. Fiverr allows buyers to review their orders for up to TEN days after the delivery date. Ten days, not three.

Once you deliver the order, buyers have 3 days to check it out and request revisions. They can also leave a review in that period. If they don’t leave a review then, they still have 10 days after the order was marked as complete to do it.


I don’t think he was correcting you, but only answering that is has been 3 days since he delivered the order.

And I’d like to add: If your buyer has tipped you then he was clearly satisfied with your work, so try not to fixate on the review so much, and under no circumstance ask him to leave one.

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