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BUYER gave me false bad review and I have proof! How can I fix this?

Ok here is the deal, I have a video editing gig up…

after talking with the buyer for a few messages I quoted them 10 dollars for the gig as it was fairly simple. The buyer paid for it but paid 25 instead of 10, but for whatever reason they were good with that as they did that on purpose im guessing so that I would do a few revisions if necessary and that was not a problem on my part.

So within less than 24 hours after the order was placed I sent them a version and asked them to give me the name of the parts that were in the video so I could put text up like they wanted as I didn’t know what these were called. They responded and said they would send me over a list with all the names ect. I waited 2 days and sent another message inquiring about this information I needed. then some hours later they tell me they didn’t need the video anymore as there client cancelled. so that is fine I guess. So I told them I was going to cancel the order and give them their money back. After a few more days they refused the cancel then gave me a bad review saying it wasn’t delivered on time then canceled the order after that.

After a few messages the admitted in the messages to not knowing what they are doing and didn’t mean to do that. They wanted me to keep the money. And they didn’t want or mean to give me a bad review.

So they tell me it wont let them reverse there review. I don’t care about the money im just mad I got a bad review I have over 100+ completed orders with 100% positive feedback.

I sent a hep ticket 30+ hours ago and have not got a single response back… I have the whole convo with the buyer saved on my computer and everything… Is there anyway to fix this… I don’t deserve a bad review I did nothing wrong…

Please help!



Hi Shawn. Did you send screenshots of the conversation you saved on your computer? If not, update your support ticket with the shots.

I hope CS pulls through for you!

Also, since your buyer agrees you don’t deserve a negative, it’ll go a long way if they contact support telling them what happened.

yeah I included pdf’s with all the screen shots

Shawn they should be able to change the review. There is a link they click to change it. Sometimes it is hard to see the link. See attached image.

but the order was cancelled after the feedback was given and even the support article says it cant be changed by the buyer…

not to mention this buyer is obviously clueless and I don’t think it would do any good even if they could change it… they might click something wrong and crash fiverr as a whole… lol

good news they removed the bad feedback… :slight_smile: