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Buyer gave me negative review, posts they love the order on twitter


So I have a question, I don’t want to break Fiverr rules, but a seller gave me a 2 star review, basically said my book cover was crap and the design wasn’t good at all, I looked this person up by their author name on Twitter and and there was a picture of the book delivery printed editions, and they were raving about it.

To be clear this person is seeking a refund for this order and design, is it ok to pass this along to Fiverr? Or is me looking them up on twitter bad? I didn’t contact them outside the site.

Any help would be great.

Thank you!


Well, it’s frustrating, I’ll give you that. But from my experience, you will lose this fight with CS. As long as the buyer claims he doesn’t like your work they won’t help you- they will refund your buyer AND leave the bad review.
I don’t know if the Twitter prof will be held against you or not (since it’s still kind of contact outside of the site), but when it comes to your word against your buyer’s, you are guaranteed to loose this battle.

Sorry if I bumped you down…


Yes… your right. Fiverr mostly side of buyer


Best thing is to move on … bad things are happening lately


You can try with CS but it’s probably a losing battle. My last experience with them said I should write the extra 10,000 words on a $10 article that only included 500 words. Can I swear here? Probably not. Anyway, you get the picture.


Well I don’t think they will give a refund after the buyer has already given a review of the order, it is obvious through the whole order that I bent over backwards for her, I did something like 30+ revisions, when I only offered 10, she then came back after I finished and requested her page count wasn’t right, and her book size wasn’t right. But she gave me all the wrong information to the order.

Plus on the first proof delivery she said she loved it, just some shady people on this website… It’s so hard to understand why someone would give a bad review, when they like your work, just trying to get something for free.


Then when I pointed out how she was obviously lying (Before I found her twitter) she blocked me… which I didn’t think was even possible on this site, I guess that is a buyer privilege that sellers don’t have.


Don’t be so sure about it. Unfortunately, it did happened before.

You got the point at the end of your sentence- work for free. Your buyer tried to squeeze it out of you without involving CS.
I’m sorry it happened to you, and I’m sorry there are scammers on this site, that makes us sellers lose our mind sometimes, but as @cre8iveartwork said, it’s best to just move on. Hopefully you’ll come across some decent people here on the future.


Oh yeah :slight_smile: 99.9% of folks are good people on here. I mean I think I have like 4k positive 5 star reviews and only 23 1 star, and most of those are people who are just terrible folks to deal with.


It’s hard to understand, but totally true. I had one a while back that loved the work and told me he had zero issues with me or my communication, but he was leaving a poor review because he didn’t like the Fiverr app. He said the Fiverr app made him not able to communicate easily so he would not buy again. He rated me low on communication and “would recommend or buy again.” After talking more with him, I honestly don’t think he even thought he would get free work. He was angry at Fiverr and took it out on me. I can’t control everything, unfortunately, so I try to work super hard on the things I can control. I work hard on my own customer service to buyers, quality work, responding within a half day all the time and stuff like that. So far that has kept my orders up even at level 2. Reviews and cancellations are rough because you can’t always control them.

I did contact Support just in case, though I didn’t really expect them to help based on what I know from the forum. I did get a bit of sympathy from them which surprised me. They said that the buyer was allowed to rate his whole experience, though, so I was stuck. It never hurts to contact Support and be super nice and ask for assistance.

Just don’t expect anything and you’ll be shocked if you even get some sympathy. :slight_smile: Granted, they are busy and they deal with a lot of users on both sides that are angry about all kinds of things, many of those users are not truthful with the Support people, and some of the reps are tough.

Sellers can block in the same way. If you click the “report” button on the person’s message via inbox, it will give you an option to block them. Sometimes it glitches out if you only do it once and that glitch also happens to buyers. If they do contact you again, the second block usually works fine. Buyers don’t have anything special when it comes to mesage blocking.