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Buyer Gave the Order but Not Giving The File to Work?

I got an Order , Buyer Seems Great but he is not giving the Video file to Edited. I am Asking for the Video file, No answer Yet.

What would be my processing answer or work So that i dont Loose my Order Completion Rate.


You don’t start the order then .


It started automatically…because buyer send requirement as Unusual things. Like i need audio file,he sent me picture.


You could contact Fiverr Customer Support!

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Should i do it Before ending the Gig Time or After IT

You should probably contact them before the order deadline because

  1. Then they might be able to cancel the order without it affecting your order completion rate

  2. Fiverr CS will most likely take quite a few days to respond because covid is making them busy

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Sounds like misunderstanding of your service or a kind of scam attempt IDK.

Besides contacting CS (just one ticket and refrain from reminders) you may want to rework your Gig descriptions and Gig requirements.

I had a look at “I will edit video like hollywood level vfx clean ups rotoscoping as required”

Eg, Gig descriptions says “What will you get” and “Why me”, …
How about to add “What do I need to get started?” in bold or highlighted, etc.

You don’t use limited number of description characters wisely.

Eg, “only 24 hours delivery”, “I don’t take multiple orders at a time, so quality first”, “Unlimited Revisions till your satisfaction for free”. You can throw this directly to the bin.

Gig description and package description is confusing.

You say 24 hours delivery in Gig description but 2-3 days delivery in package description. Can you see?

Cherry on the cake is your FAQ.

It is completely useless.

Questions like “Really in 24 hours”, “Do i have To consult Before Order?”, “Do you do only Color Grading?”, “What Software are you going to Use?” sound like using FAQ section absolutely for nothing.

Sorry for being so honest but you could have set up your Gigs much better to avoid the situation that you have just described.


Thanks A Lot Mate…i am Gonna Ask Another Question.

If i update my gig description and FAQ. Will there be any effect on impression or SEO of the GIG rank.

Let me KNow…Thanks A Lot Again.

Yes, temporarily.

However, benefit of improving Gig description and requirements is more valuable in mid/long term.

Imagine you might get in same trouble with next order…