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Buyer gave up with Support

I’ve been having issues with a glitch in the app and website where it doesn’t show my orders. It shows on desktop for me, but when I deliver it, the buyer can’t see it anywhere. So this time, I contacted Support to see if they could resolve it (last time, the buyer contacted Support and I didn’t hear anything else, so I assumed it was resolved. I figured the glitch would be fixed with the next app update after that, but it hadn’t been.)

Today, I got a message from the buyer saying that since Support just keeps passing him from person to person and just keeps asking questions and not giving solutions that he went and hired someone else and apparently already got the documents back from this new seller.

While I fully understand being annoyed at having to wait so long to resolve an issue (it’s been eight days so far since I sent in the ticket), I’m frustrated because I’ve been running my tail off contacting Support and keeping him updated even though I didn’t have to, meanwhile he took ages to respond every time and didn’t pursue messaging Support on his end (they had to contact him because he wouldn’t contact them first), then he just goes and gives up.

I noticed earlier today that Support had fixed the largest portion of the glitch, too, so they WERE making progress with the issue. I’m really hoping they won’t just shrug now and say they can’t finish fixing this glitch without the buyer helping out.

It’s also frustrating because this is the second time I have lost out on getting feedback, and it sucks especially this time because I put in so much effort to get the issue resolved for the buyer.

I’m confused as well, because he paid (and will still get the delivery when the glitch is fully fixed), yet he had no problem paying again by going with someone else. Obviously that’s his choice, but it’s just strange that he’s willing to stop pursuing getting his delivery when he already paid.

All in all, it’s just a frustrating experience and I’m hoping Support can fix up the remaining portion of the glitch quickly so this issue can stop happening.

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This is so random and strange.
So client ordered, you delivered, he accepted but could not download?

Why not just send the files in inbox?

If he accepted order delivery you just share the files in inbox.
You receive messages from him so inbox is working.

If he takes the delivery and takes the money back you know he is scammer and report that to CS.

No, he didn’t accept because he couldn’t. Providing the delivery via the inbox would have made the order go late. I suppose I could have delivered the normal way, then sent another copy through the inbox, but I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll have to ask Support if that’s allowed and if it is, keep it in mind for future reference if I get more orders before the glitch is fully fixed.

Oh, so you couldn’t place delivery in order page at all? Not even refreshing site or different browser, clearing cache and turning of extension did not work?

If you deliver and client can’t see it it will be auto accepted in 3 days.

But it is strange you couldn’t deliver for 8 days. People reported they can not deliver but only for 2 hours.

So deliver the files, if client can’t see them send them again in inbox.

But for this to work you need to have clients with integrity.