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Buyer Gender on Fiverr


I am new on Fiverr and up to now almost three buyers contacted me, but it’s very hard to know If I have to call them sir or Madam, I mean there is no way we can know whom we are talking with and the user names are most of them very hard that it is almost impossible to guess the buyer, I believe Fiverr team will work on this issue


You could just say Hi the username or just Hi.


It’s just not about greetings, it’s in overall conversation I have a habit to say like “Sir can I send you the offer” “We will work on it sir” etc


Personally, I either address them by their username or I just say “Hello there”.
But I like to use a more conversational tone. Saying either “sir” or “madame” just seems to deferential to me, and that’s why I wouldn’t ever want to use those terms.
As a buyer, that would make me a bit uncomfortable too.

Maybe it’s a cultural thing? I’m in Boston. The practice of being so formal seems odd to me.


Just miss out ‘sir’ - you don’t need to know the buyer’s gender to work with them.


Most people don’t say sir or madam. Just say “May I send you an offer” or “We will work on it.”


I have to practice that, but without using those words I feel like being disrespectful


Calling people by their username is perfectly respectful on Fiverr. Misgendering them would be offensive, and even if you guess the gender correctly, a lot of people don’t want to be called Sir or Madam.


It will be more disrespectful if you get the gender wrong!


Dear @glintacon, You can say “Username”, Or “Hi”, Gender is not matter for Working, Your Good Behavior, Hard Working and Quality Work is Important for Fiverr Success,


Lots of people don’t like to be called “dear”. There are lots of posts about it on the forum if you type “dear” in the search bar above.


Whoever he or she is
call him by his id.

Thats the best approach


Especially the thousands of middle age men who use a Selena Gomez headshot for their profile pic. :sunglasses:


Introduce yourself and ask for their name :smiley:


Definitely not “dear” - its condescending IMO


They will not. Just call them by there user names.

Sometimes (if the buyers are of a certain niveau) they end their messages with “kind regards” followed by their first name. In most cases their first name isn’t gender neutral, so you can easily spot if it is a female or a male.
If they don’t just call them names… errr… I mean call them by their user names.


Just say Hi or Hello


Just say “Hi [name]! What may I help you with today?”

That way you can provide great customer service regardless of plumbing.


NEVER “dear,” that is pretty condescending here in the US and just kinda sounds creepy. If you say “Hi, dear…” you might as well just say “Hey, sweetcheeks…”


Or you can ask your name kindly. I think it’s a good option.