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Buyer gets content and then cancels order

A buyer bought articles from me and then cancelled order.

Fiverr support said that:

if a buyer abuses his payment privileges, it is something literally beyond our control. Our Security Department may receive alerts at any time and may cancel the orders that relate the alerts. Unfortunately, this order was cancelled and returned to the source of payment and these funds will not be returning to your account. We review each order on a case by case basis and unfortunately we are unable to compensate for orders that were cancelled due to fraud. We do understand your frustration and are working to try to limit these situations with our Security team.

What can I do now?

Lost money and lost articles also.

What can I do now to get articles back. File DMCA notice?

You won’t get the money back. However, the articles are not lost. First, check and see if the buyer used them. If not get them on the web ASAP. If they have used them file the notice.

Upload them online, get the copyrights to yourself, google will ignore them if they use it and you’ll own them.

They already put it online a month back.