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Buyer Gets Gig, But Doesn't Leave Any Information


I imagine that this happens to sellers, but I was just curious to see how often this actually occurs.

I recently had a Buyer purchase my Gig. At first he wanted me to contact him outside of Fiverr so I could get the details of his work. I kindly reminded him of the Terms of Service, and that all messaging needs to take place on Fiverr. He claimed he had no idea, and asked if it was okay if he attached the instructions in a message. Obviously, I told him that was fine.

Days later… I haven’t heard a thing.

I sent another message, asking if he was going to be sending me instructions any time soon. I figure I’m just going to ask for a mutual cancellation (I’ve given him almost 24 hours to respond).

Does this happen to anyone else? What do you do when it does?


Reply to @academictext: Thank you for the reply. I just wanted to make sure. I already have one mutual cancellation because a buyer ordered the wrong amount for a Gig, so I’d rather not have them keep piling up.


@maddisont - I’ve had the same issue myself, I contacted Customer Support and they cancelled the order on my behalf so there was no impact on my rating (although there wouldn’t have been if the cancellation was mutual anyway.) As long as the seller doesn’t refuse the cancellation request, then after three days of making it the order is automatically cancelled. It will show on your analytics page but won’t show on the gigs or affect how they appear in searches etc.


Hey there! I’ve got two in my queue that are in the same situation. One hasn’t said a word since placing the order (countdown hasn’t even started), and the other wanted to order the gig and put it on “hold”. In this case the countdown started since he submitted his “hold” message as the requirements to begin the order. Shame on these folks.


I had that happen once even when I thought I prevented it. A guy contacted me via inbox, not the order page, and said he was interested in having a Virtual Assistant help with his website and asked what I could do. I told him that I had a ton of specific services listed in the VA gig I had at the time, and that for a $5 order he could pick any one of those services. He never replied so I figured it was over, fine by me.

About a week later, he ordered my VA gig and all he wrote for instructions was “see my other message” meaning the one he had first sent me. I wrote him back and told him I couldn’t guess because I didn’t want a bad review or cancel and that he needed to tell me one service he would like done. I wrote him 3 more times until it was down to 24 hours before it was due and then I had to put in a mutual cancel request. Thank goodness he did accept the mutual cancel so it didn’t hurt me, but if he hadn’t it would have been a forced cancel. Blah. The price of doing freelance work, I guess.


ASk him if he wants a refund before spending 3 days and order automatic completion by the system, You cannot refund after the order is completed, It happened to me several times and I ended up with bad ratings for no reason


@vainpaper I’m sure some of these guys just don’t know what they’re doing, but if they just read the Terms of Service, everything they need to know is in there. Oh well…

@fonthaunt Oh, I’ve been expecting to run into buyers like these since I started. This is my first time doing freelance work of any kind, so I’m just waiting to experience all the horrors that everyone else on the forum talks about, haha :slight_smile: I just wished that this guy would have sent me a message before ordering, that way I wouldn’t have the issues of a needless cancellation.

@supuntharaka225 I sent him a request for a mutual cancellation, that way I don’t have to suffer with a bad review, and he will get his money back (assuming he accepts it anyway). At least, I think that’s how it works.

Does anyone know what happens if I put in a mutual cancellation request and he doesn’t respond or accept it? Will that affect my ratings in a negative way?


I have it happened to from time to time. What I do when the buyer does not respond back is let them know if they wish to re-order the gig it is not a problem. Because my Low Cost Analytics Gig requires the buyer to grant me access to their Google Analytics account, buyers do get cautious. I let them know I only need read only access to analyze their website.


Reply to @maddisont: Read the TOS you say?? Woah there, that means some effort must be put in. That’s way too much to ask. :wink: