Buyer getting a gig and requesting cancellation immediately!


I have received now 2 of these, both for the same high amount $65 and both with the same bloody message! both from different users!

"Dear Seller, I want you cancle this order, I mistake with big order . i will re-order again to testing 2gig 10$ first, if it good, i will order more. i will write best feedback for you . Thank You for understand"

they just buy the gig and request cancellation immediately , no idea why !

and yes I have reported this to the CS , they said they would take action, but the cancellation of such orders are still counting !

"Unfortunately at the moment all cancellations affect your ratio equally but i sure hope we will be to offer a new feature to help sellers prevent unwanted cancellations."

I am sure we are all waiting for such feature to help with unwanted cancellations! and I am 99% sure some of you guys are getting the same bloody requests , so report them all to the CS to let them know!

Hope you guys have a great day :slight_smile: did not want to sound that unhappy lol




Thank you so much for this kind of information,


Mutual Cancellation (order by mistake, i don’t meant to order, this is not what i am looking for, i just realize someone is offering better service) is killing the sellers.

And Customer Support is Just Silent on this Issue from so long. I wonder why they are not addressing this issue properly?


*retracted :smiley:


Omg, I know what you mean. I had a buyer order my gig 7 times ($35) then asked for a refund because he ordered by mistake. I initially declined his request because I wanted to know how the hell could he have ordered my gig 7 freaking times by mistake. English was not his language I have no idea what he was talking about. He said he would order $5 or $10 for ordering by mistake, but I told him to keep his money. I was pissed though.


Reply to @musiclover: That cannot be possible. Last week i agree to pay $35 (7 GIGS) for some wordpress work to seller, he ask me to buy individual gigs.

Buying 7 individual orders takes a really headache. This cannot be made my mistake NEVER EVER!