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Buyer getting offended

If you block a buyer because you don’t want to work with them or you are not comfortable with them or their messages, what are the chances that the buyer might create another account and attack you on purpose because they felt offended? Purchase an order leave poor ratings write a bad review. How does fiverr protect us from such buyers who can feel offended for getting blocked? Will the block option turn against sellers some day?


I have this concern as well, but I don’t think anything can be done… You would have to know the person’s IP address :woman_shrugging:t2:

I even asked if the blocked person doesn’t see our thumbnail anymore after being blocked (like on facebook) and nobody knows.

I too had that worry today. I got an order couple of days ago. The client said he wants the images separately so I questioned him asking if that means he needs the images as a separate file or inserted within the doc. Gave conflicting replies.

To be safe i added within the doc and also attached the images separately. For that he left a 4 star rating and said i couldn’t understand a simple copy paste problem