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Buyer give me 1 star rating

buyer give me 1 star rating and ruin my account, as he didn’t send me all requirements.So I can’t able to deliver the required work,what to do now? any suggestions?

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why did you deliver if you didn’t have enough instructions… ? I belive it’s your fault in this case

i asked for cancellation but he didn’t accept it? any solution now?

unfortunately no , you can’t do much about it

What to do, If any buyer dont send all the requirements nor even brief what to do and give no replies of messages?

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definitely contact support

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Thanks for the info.

How did you even deliver if no instructions were provided?

Then why did you deliver a partially completed order? This premature action caused you to be in this :cucumber: pickle. :woman_shrugging:t4:

FYI~ A cancellation will NOT remove the neg feedback. If that’s the angle you’re hoping for. If not, the Buyer refused cxl/refund, so there’s nothing more to do.

Nothing, I read the feedback the Buyer wrote. You dropped the ball, you should’ve waited for the Buyer to provide the requirements.

:bulb: Reinforce your gig requirements make sure you tick the check-mark :white_check_mark: (mandatory) gig requirements to force Buyers to provide the necessary information. Next time don’t be in haste to deliver without getting the applicable information to complete the job. Period!