Buyer give me a negative [Admin Solved]


Buyer give me a negative While Using Logo on his promoting blogs! What should i do?

Admin Respond like in 4h :slight_smile: Thank you admin


So you provided the work and he us using the work; but gave you negative feedback?

I would first contact that buyer again and kindly say that if he wants to actually use the work then to edit the review to show his satisfaction. If you contact Customer Service, they will generally just tell you to speak with the buyer and resolve it yourself.

So yeah, contact the buyer again and try to discuss the situation. If it does not help, then explain your matter to customer service. (Don’t expect a speedy reply from them though).




If you’re seeking for justice to be done from the Customer Support team, you won’t be getting any of that from them.

Instead, all you’ll get from them would be a standard reply of “Kindly contact your buyer to solve this issue”, “Sorry, we are not able to remove the negative feedback without the buyer’s consent” or anything else similar along these lines.

And how do I know?

I’m an avid seller here and I’ve gone through that. I believe this has happened to the other sellers here as well.

So this is just a heads up and don’t waste your time but look forward to better positive reviews from your potential buyers.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Chat with buyer and he remove negative feedback :slight_smile: Now i am waiting till fiverr admin refund him! Thank both of you to spend time to answer me! Liked both :x