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Buyer give negative feedback after she get good quality work

Hi, I am a logo designer in Fiverr. Recently I get a order from a buyer to make Vector from PNG. I made her work in 20 minutes and deliver it and said if she need any revision she can tell me. After my delivery, she comes to online many times but she didn’t tell me for revision and didn’t communicate with me. Yesterday when order was completed she gave me negative feedback. She says she send messages and need revision from me. But she never communicate with me and never message me for revision when the order was active. So, what should I do now? My rating became low. Please help me. Thanks

Politly tell her that you’ve never received her revisions. Ask her how work be modified. After you modify it, you will have no more 3 days to visit the resolution center in your gig page and send a her review change option.

If she doesn’t respond you for revisions, she just may want to rank down your profile for rising another account. In this case you may report her and explain to CS (Fiverr Customer Support) what happened and if they can remove the review:


I sent request to Fiverr Customer Support for help. But I think she will never change her feedback.

Ok, let me know what happens.

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OK, Thanks. I want to know that my all feedback is positive but this one is just negative so can I don’t get any order for this (negative feedback)??

You can add a seller review, explaining the situation. But that should be only if nothing else helps.

Hello, I sent request to Fiverr customer support yesterday but I don’t get any response from them until now

They may respond in up to 48 hours.

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