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Buyer give negative review


buyer leave negative review after completion of order…
i dont know why he did this…
i already contact with CS but they said we can not remove …
now what i have to do?


This one?

“Good communication although level of work is not as per advert. Overall disappointed. I would have requested more changes however, my second review came with a message stating his work is now done and leave 5 stars. Despite ad stating unlimited. to be quite honest I could see I would not be getting what I wanted to cut my losses. Very amateur”


Dear Danish:

I suggest you chalk this up to the fact that people do what people do.

You apparently must live with this review. It should not be fatal to your drive toward Level 2:

Bear in mind that Fiverr is changing its policy toward Reviews, and that all you can do is do your best on each gig.

Good luck,


Sorry, i’m just curious.

What if the problem came from the buyer themself. they dont read the gig carefully and make a purchase and during the gig period they dont reply to the question ask, when they know we are chasing time. if we cant get enough information, surely it will not suit to they request.

If a buyer give a bad review, should replying to his review would make things better?

Sorry, i also have this kind of problem. at some point it is unfair, we dont have the right to justify ourself. Should i just delete the current account and make a new one. i cant make any offer due to the rating drop, surely this type of rating would killed the seller progress especially for a newbie.


yes this one… i dont know what i have to do now…


sir i always try my best …but he leave negative review and disappear… according to his sample i done my work … i dont know what happend…


i cant delete my account…
i am level 1 seller…
i am really doing hard work…


i feel you bro. i got one bad review too. it crushed my rating. now i cant offer any gig to request.


i think fiverr have to do something for sellers…


Unlimited reviews means unlimited. If you don’t want to give buyers unlimited reviews then you should not offer them.
I think the buyer has a valid point if what he said in the review is true.



I have a similar issue minus the review part. At the moment, I delivered an order to a buyer AS ADVERTISED in the description. Buyer replies saying it’'s not up to his standards and would like a redo. Sure no problem, buyer did not specify what he could like to be changed or adjusted, so I replied asking for specification. One day has passed and no reply, the order is now LATE and I’m thinking it’s not wise to redo it until he responds. Please note: The item I delivered is exactly what was advertised. Please help. What’s the best way to approach this ?


I do not want to go Off-Topic on this thread. So I’ll give you a very summarized answer. Please open your own thread if you require further clarifications

The clock countdown restarts after buyer asks for revision, after FIRST delivery. So do not worry if it is displaying “LATE”, as long as you made your initial delivery BEFORE it was due.

The TOS has changed regarding reviews, so I would tread lightly on how you want to deal with this buyer.
Good choice on not sending the delivery verbatim of what you had done initially, wait on the customer and try not to overwhelm him with messages for responses.
Seek further assistance with Customer Support after this if need be.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:


Dear Danish:

With all due respect, I strongly suggest that you reread Cat’s post:

I would have requested more changes however, my second review came with a message stating his work is now done and leave 5 stars. Despite ad stating unlimited. to be quite honest I could see I would not be getting what I wanted to cut my losses. Very amateur

The issue appears to be that you offer unlimited revisions in your gig description, but for whatever reason, chose not to honor that commitment with the Buyer she cited.

You can argue with the Buyer. You can argue with Customer Service.

Or you can learn from what she told you.

I’d suggest changing your gig so that you no longer offer Buyers unlimited revisions.

Good luck,


Awesome, thanks a lot for the help.


Just know for a fact that buyers on fiverr are not born by the same mother, what i mean is, they are not the same, not every apple user recommends the product or gives it a 5 Star, yet it’s flourishing. As a seller know that you meet different kinds of people and when you get a rating less than 5 star, it doesn’t mean you are a bad seller or your delivery sucks ( sometimes it does though for some sellers) or your fiverr carrier is finished. I have seen Top Rated Sellers who at one point were given 2 star rating. Your response is very vital at this point. Stop crying or running around asking what to you do. Continue to grow your business and deliver your services!!!


Learn from your mistake.

You offer unlimited revisions yet you told your client after the 2nd revision you were done with the work and on top of that you asked him to leave you a 5 star review :scream:

You really need to rethink your whole client approach. Never ever ask for a 5 star review.


This is basically old news. You need to accept and move on.
Support will not remove the negative review.
Offering a refund after the review is posted will not remove the review.
Asking the buyer to change it in exchange for refund won’t work.


It would also be a violation of the Terms of Service.