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Buyer: give newcomers a try

Whenever I need to order a gig, I always browse the newcomers first. It reminds me when I was there trying to get my first gigs. Most of the time those sellers will try to give you the best service possible at a very affordable price, because they need the good ratings to thrive. Obviously, a poor gig description without samples indicates lack of interest from the seller, but, seriously, if you find that newcomer with a well drafted gig and no ratings yet, give him a try :slight_smile:

or her. :slight_smile:

Although, one must be careful. Based upon the profile photos out there, there appear to be a great many “hers” “trying to” make it big here on Fiverr – attractive young “women” who do not match the seller’s listed national flag.

I recommend avoiding those “sellers”. :wink:

Good point! Though, I’d say avoid the stock photos of attractive young men in fancy ties as well. I see more “fake women” profile photos than men, but there are still plenty of both. I dislike fake looking profile photos of any gender or ethnicity.

While my “or her” was also added partly in jest, I do get tired of seeing lots of sellers refer to other sellers as “sir” or “bro” or “he” either indirectly or directly as though all good sellers are male. I really doubt that’s what most of them actually think unless they are from cultures that are extremely male-centric. I think it’s more likely in most cases that I’m just being over-sensitive to it. :smiley:

I hired a “her” and I knew all the time he was a “he” and he did a great job. ;D

IMHO honesty is the best policy. If you start out being dishonest you’re not going to get far and if you do go long it won’t last for long, that is not just limited to Fiverr either.

very good topic… even i do search for lot of newbies while ordering… But i sometimes find it annoying when New Users ask me … your order is ready how do i deliver it to you … So i suppose there shud be a compulsory basic entry level training test … so that users get a feel of all the basics :slight_smile:

Yes, I do believe in giving newbies a try. We were them once.

Shout out to all of you here who feel the newcomers pain. :slight_smile:

Am a writer currently passing through the phase of proving to people that am really ‘Me’ :frowning:

It depends on what I need. I have often tried out new users to do certain things. Some have done fantastic work and I buy from them regularly, others have done adequate work but don’t give me a reason to stick with them. If I am taking a chance on a new seller then I deserve to get more for my money otherwise why take the chance? It’s like betting on a horse, I am tempted to go for the outsider because of the better return.
I did this when I started as a seller, offering much more for $5 than I do now - it got me my first couple of reviews and got me started.


I do think many are in countries where they may not be used to seeing women in public working for themselves.

You’ll get there kid :wink: Just provide the best quality work your clients will ever find on Fiverr in your niche and you will be TRS in no time!

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order meeeeeee.

Sellers beware: Posts that appear desperate will often make buyers avoid you.