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Buyer give one star rating by mistake


My buyer gave me 1 star review by mistake and she told me before i rate her.

What should I do? I shouldn’t rate her ?

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very bad feeling.
So sorry bro.

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very bad luck :pensive:

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You need to remove the username of the buyer as that is not allowed on the forum.

Okay Thank You so much

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Ask CS for help maybe, but it wont work. maybe she can send her message to CS, but that is also risky, this is just very bad luck.

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What has happened before May 18, 8:23 PM?

Consider this before you contact CS.

Keep in mind that even if you decide not to rate her, your buyer’s review will show up on your profile after 10 days, counting from the day your buyer rated you.

And please, never contact CS to change a review, or ask your buyer to do so. It will grant you a warning!


Thank you so much for the guidance.

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Now i should rate buyer and in response of buyer’s review i should explain why buyer gave me one star.
Would that be OK ?

This was her fourth order and she was happy to see the delivery.

You’re most welcome, @sajidali001!


Since there’s no way to hide the review your buyer left you, it’s definitely better for you to do so - even more when the 1 star was left by mistake.

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Okay Thank You So much

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Anytime, @sajidali001! :slightly_smiling_face:

I know it’s hard, but just move on and don’t give it too much thought. It will soon get lost in that bunch of excellent reviews you have. :wink:

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Yeah I have 71 reviews 58 are 5 star two 4.7 and One 4.3
How ever still confused how 1 star will effect my profile.

Another problem is that my gig was at first page in first row but 4 days ago all my gigs vanished and still cannot found them

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Don’t worry, you have enough reviews to handle the hit!. Your new overall rating will be 4.9*. :wink:

I really have no true answer for that. It could be due to many factors, including rotation of gig placement, metrics and, especially, the private feedback buyers are now asked to give - feedback, by the way, that’s for Fiverr’s eyes only.

The most important thing you need, is to continue getting hired. So, if you’re still getting orders that means buyers are finding your gigs somehow.

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i think it can’t be reversed. fiverr did have that option in past.

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Hmm Thank You very much

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@sajidali001, I edited my comment about the new rating.

It will drop to 4.9*, but don’t worry, it’s still a very good rating and you’ll be able to increase it to 4.96. Once it happens, your rating will go back to 5*.

Please excuse my mistake. I had my mind elsewhere. :see_no_evil: