Buyer gives a positive review which is not appearing on my gig!


i delivered a job for a buyer who gave a positive feedback but alas the review is nowhere to be found… how is this possible? i have contacted customers support but they believe that the buyer later withdrew the feedback maybe to return later to give the feedback… anyone experienced this?


So i guess i’m not the only one affected.


Never experienced it but it sounds like he withdrew feedback. Hard luck.


hey Tony i’m actually having the same problem. … i did a manual submission for a repeat buyer who gave a positive feedback and even ordered for another job almost instantly. The feedback is nowhere to be seen on my gig. think i need to contact cs just like you did…how is the going anyway? can see you are doing well on fiverr… will come back for more of your gigs soon.


Reply to @sabiansoldier: don’t know if that is possible if a buyer is pleased with your job… check out my own case where i complete a job and the buyer gives a positive feedback and orders a new job within 5 minutes.


May be he removed feedback… he got option to edit and remove feedback


same problem here… :frowning:


delivered more orders and still the same thing.