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Buyer gives me 1.3 star


Very bad experience today. One buyer contact me on facebook and tell me that he will order my gig. Without information he tell me to start, he gives me a url from his website and tell me “Visit my website, and you will know what i need” And he give me 3 letters which he want to be with logo. I ask him what this letters means, he tell me “I don’t know” After that he give me 3 images from google and tell me “this is examples” I want to my logo bi simular. After I receive , he tells me “I don’t want to west my time, upload image and finish the order, ofc i will give you a bad feedback because I don’t like it” He don’t want to use revisions , and other stuffs in package which he order. Now in my profile I have 4.3 star rating. How much orders with 5.0 rating I must finish before my rating be 5.0 again?


something is fishy over here … if you check his profile you’ll see that he was selling something related to what you sell


Like I can see, he was seller before, but he is not enymore. He delete all gigs. I can’t send buyer requests for now, because there is notice when I try i can see this message “You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers!”


Could what the buyer did be against the TOS which says:

Users with the intention to defame competing Sellers by ordering from competing services will have their reviews removed or further account status related actions determined by review by our Trust & Safety team.

Or maybe not if he’s paused his gigs and the last delivery was 5 months ago? He was before selling competing gigs though.


Maybe. I don’t know. So , now I have bad rating and that will effect on me very bad. Maybe i will create another account and start again and be careful this time.


Bad experience indeed, no nice thing to do to people at all.

Take a look at the last post in this thread, @maitasun worked out a formula and has done the calculations for OP as an example: Can someone help me with my rating


am very sad about this. i think you can complain this to fiverr team. i think you should complete at least 8 order (on time without any delay).
option 02:
all ways try to deliver a first delivery within 12 hours.


If I put 2 days for delivering or 3, why would I deliver in 12 hours or less?


It would be a pity, you have very good reviews and your designs are nice. You can 1) block the buyer 2) reply to the review. I agree with you about the delivery time. Personally a too early delivery gives me a bad impression. I will never understand why some people behave like that buyer.


Yes my friend, I have good designs but I have 4.3 rating and I can’t send buyer requests. Situation is very bad.


It’s unfortunate, but I think that you are still in the “grace period” (let’s call this way) during which Fiverr gives a little help with Gig positioning and impressions. You could also take some tests and if the results are very good (like being in the top 10%) you could display them in your profile; this could help to reassure the buyers who are preoccupied by your rating.


This is very bad experience


Everytime we can face with some bad person/buyer. Graphic designers are not mind readers. Some buyers expect to much from sellers.


I’m so sorry to hear about this. As a new Seller I will beware of such in future.
I really hope that you can revive your reputation.
Maybe you should reply to the review? It would be a pity if you have to start all over again with a new account.


That gig which he order is new, with 1 review before he gives me a new. I decide to delete that gig and create new with same images, etc… But my other gig is ok, there is 5 star rating. But, on my fiverr profile the rating is 4.3, and I can’t send a buyer requests :confused:

I have earnings, so I will wait to CLEARING ends , end If after that no one order my gigs, I will create other profile and be more careful. Besides all, I’m new on fiver, i have 5 finished orders so…if you understand me.:slight_smile: Thank you very much for your comment.


Your rating will remain with your account, even if you delete the gig that received low ratings. Fiverr reviews are permanent. You cannot get rid of them by deleting a gig. Fiverr manages things this way to keep sellers honest, and prohibit them from finding ways to remove bad reviews.

Multiple accounts are against the rules.


If you do decide to close your account and create a new one check this out:


I don’t see why they specify that the new account (after closing the current one) would need to be a different email address other than it being a software/database limitation. If that’ the limitation surely they could change the software/db.


Who tell you that? You can change your email address on your first account and then deactivate it. After that you can create new account with old email.


I was talking about the linked webpage where it says “you plan to close your account and open a new one, you cannot use the same email address as the previous account.”. I suppose your suggestion is one way.

I didn’t see a good reason why they said that unless it was a software/db restriction (eg. it fetched something from the db by email address (indexed by email address)), whereas if that was the reason for the restriction they could add something else to the index/change how it was read (eg. add account status too, so it only read the records relevant to active accounts and ignored the deactivated accounts). ie. so if they wanted to fetch something for a particular email address and an active account they’d index by both fields.