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Buyer Gives me lots of unevent feedback

I have been worked with a buyer.He/she is very confused. 5 days project making delay 24 days, just sending me his/hre file.
after 24 days i have been finished his/her work,and corrected 4 time his/her feedback.(my order was 1 feedback).4 time my delivary auto accepted for his absence. and i lost my review.
after few days,he/she threatening me if i dont do his current feedback , he/she will dispute this completed order in support!
let me know what can i do.

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Let me see if I understand this correctly:

-You got an order
-They didn’t give you what you needed until five days later
-You finished and delivered
-You had to revise four times
-They didn’t leave a review
-The order completed
-They want another revision

Well, IF the above is right, based on what you offer and the scope of the order, you might still have to make a revision. If you offer Unlimited, you have to deliver Unlimited.

My offer was 1 revision.

Okay, so tell the buyer that. “You’ve already used your free revision(s). I’d be happy to continue working for an additional $5”.