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Buyer gives negative review because of Fiverr watermarks

Dear freelancers, today I received an order on my background removal gig and delivered it to the buyer. A couple of minutes later I received a three-star rating from the buyer, which shocked me - until now I’ve only had five-star ratings. This is the review of the buyer:

Very quick but picture has watermarks on it, that i did not order, if removed, i will be fully satisfied.
Communication with seller: five stars
Service as Described: three stars
Buy Again or Recommend: one star

So I got a three-star rating because of the automatically added Fiverr watermarks on the images, which disappear when the buyer accepts the order. I really don’t get why the buyer didn’t contact me before giving me a bad review. This destroyed my 5.0 star rating on the gig :frowning_face: I have already contacted the help & education center but I don’t expect the review to be changed or removed by Fiverr.

Do you know anything I can do to get back my 5.0 star rating?
Thanks for your answers.


bad part is that they were actually removed after he rated you :smiley: , this is what happens when a buyer is not reading the rules . He also gave you 3 stars not a negative review so that’s not bad either


Sorry this happened to you. I think half of all 1 to 3 star reviews are not justified.

All you can do is leave a carefully thought out response explaining this.


You know, I actually saw negative feedback getting removed fairly recently. Someone posted about it.

So there is a chance considering it’s absolutely not your fault.

You could choose not to include a watermark back in the day but since fiverr removed that option themselves I don’t know what they expect us to do. I’ve been contacted a few times with demands to “remove the thing” myself so it’s a bit of a disaster waiting to happen.


I can feel the situation, to avoid such kind issue in future, I recommend you to explain your buyers about watermark during order delivery, as many new or 1st serviced buyer don’t know this and they also not read the policy about this.


Post deleted by author.

Thank you all for your answers and tips. I just received an answer from the Fiverr customer support and they told me that they have decided to remove the feedback from the order. The only thing I’m concerned about is, that I can still see the feedback. Can you also still see it?

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There actually is an option to disable the Fiverr watermark. From the seller dashboard you have to navigate to the gig section and select the gig you want to change the settings of. Then you can disable the function in the Activate Watermark section.

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There is still a switch there to do that but around a year ago my buyers started asking to remove the watermark despite the fact that the watermark was disabled by me the entire time.

I contacted CS and they told me we no longer had an option to disable the watermark. Mine is still “disabled” but all my deliveries have it. I figured they just forgot to remove the switch.

Congrats on getting the review removed. :slight_smile:


UPD I was actually too quick with the greetings. I still can see the feedback also.

Maybe give it 12 hours and then reach out to them again if it’s still there. And include the ticket number where they tell you they’ve decided to remove it.

Sorry that this happened. It’s always frustrating when things happen that are out of your control.

I’d definitely mention to the buyers throughout the process, including upon delivery, that the watermark is/may be there and it is not something that you can control and that it does go away with approval.

Also, just a note about ratings. One of the best days in my fiverr career was the day that I got my first non-5 star rating. Don’t get me wrong; at the time I was incredibly disappointed and it was annoying. But then I realized what a ridiculous standard it is to have all 5 star ratings. And the pressure lifted. I always strive for 5 stars and want all clients to be thrilled with deliveries but I also know that once in a while someone is going to leave me a glowing review that is 4.3 stars because A. They don’t believe anything is perfect or B. they accidentally smash the wrong button on an app. Maybe I do have one client that I just cant satisfy. Either way, I don’t worry about the rating because I know that in the end, I did my best and I’ll have enough 5 stars to cover it.

You did the correct thing in asking customer support to evaluate it and remove it. Maybe they will and maybe they wont but it’s worth asking for sure. But you can recover from a poor rating or 2.

Good luck.



Hey Matt, thank you for your advice. I really appreciate you sharing your experience about ratings on Fiverr.


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I had a similar situation and support removed the negative review. I’d also send the delivery to the client in messages too without watermarks in case they haven’t seen that the accepted files are free of watermark.