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Buyer Giving Revision But Not any Desccription to Change

One Buyer is giving Revision to His Video…I asked him about the changes. But He said that he will give that later…But Delivery time extended still not any details for Revision…

I asked him a lot…But nothing from Him…

I dont know what to do…


A lot of times buyers don’t communicate for some reason. In this case, use the Fiverr Resolution Center and Increase the Order Deadline to help you avoid bad delivery ratings.

Choose the option to increase the deadline time with incomplete information.
and Once the seller will see your request 99.99% chances he/she will accept your dispute.

Modern Creator

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Did that…I am not getting any benefit…As i dont know what to change in the order…Buyer Isn’t saying anything

As long as you deliver your initial order on time there is no need to worry about being marked as late for revisions. There is the big red LATE mark, but don’t worry about this. I would give your client 2-3 days to come back to you before opening any resolutions or time extensions. Just send a friendly reminder and make them aware that the practice is to send the original file again if revision notes are not given and let them know when you intend to send the original work. This usually gets them moving. If you don’t hear anything after this, then send the original work file again at the time you have stated to the client.

It’s frustrating when the revision request is used without getting notes immediately, but patience is best - within reason of course.

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This could be my last choice…

Wait for some time, If the Buyer is not responding Re-deliver the same original work. This will help you save your order deadline time and will also stop the countdown timer.

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Re deliver same work file is the only solution

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Thanks…i will do that…and Lets see What happen

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