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Buyer goes offline after my reply

Buyers knocked me asking for a service, then no reply even someone is being online frequently.


Have patience . Will be reply if they need.


maybe he find someone to do that. but be patience .

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Please reload the tab always within 3-5 min. It’s a strategy!!

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Thanks for the tips. I refresh the page & it shows online but after few seconds shows “last seen 10-15 mins ago”

If the buyer was not reloading the page until 10-15 min, then he also becomes offline.

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A strategy for what?

Please search in Google!


Google wasn’t the one that said it was a strategy, that is why I was asking you.

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Strategy means tactics! Did you ever read strategic management?

I am not asking for the meaning of strategy. I am asking how refreshing the tabs 3-5 minutes is a strategy

I told you to search on google :innocent: :heart_eyes:

You can use extension.

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I know you can use auto refresh extensions, my question is using auto refresh extensions is a strategy to what??

Here is my advice to anyone who will attempt to use auto refresh extension on their account… First after a few times of use fiverr will flag you as a bot and ask you to verify your account through captchers, if you continue to use this extensions fiverr might decide to ask you to verify your account in some other way…

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You can use your profile link for auto refresh not dashboard. If you use dashboard even link profile for auto refresh and set time less than 5 minutes then fiverr must verify your account.My advice is - you can use profile link and set time 5 or 8 minutes , this the best practise. So alert ! to use auto fresh extention. Franklegacy , Have any question?

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Keep patience . If need they will be reply :slightly_smiling_face: