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Buyer got a work done for sample then not responding

The buyer came to the message and told to do sample work. And I’ve done the work for the sample. Buyer expression was “Excellent I like your work” After then not responding. Why are buyers not responding though he/she online?

You work for free without buyer place an order ?


Many scam buyers will ask for a sample to get free work. Then they do not come back to order.

I tell my buyers I do not provide samples. If they want to see the quality of my work they can place a $5 order.


Thanks for instructions

Thanks a lot. I know that. But How can they behave like this.

Because some people have no morals.


Because there are people falling for it and accepting to work without payment.

Why pay if they can get it done for free?


I always offer a demo. I am in the music side of fiverr so maybe it is different but it makes sense to send a demo. If the buyer orders and then doesn’t like it, it probably ends in cancellation or a bad review. If they don’t like the sample then you move on. Also, if they want something very specific that I can’t provide, I’d rather it be sooner than later

Yes, it is. For sellers who make logos for example, the sample may be enough for their needs if it is what they wanted all along.


Never do work for free. If someone wants a sample, then charge them at least $5.


Is really easy to a scam get work free… think about if this scam need remove backgroung of 5 images… this scam can contact 5 different sellers, ask each one to make an demostration… and disapper… in the end he got all images for free.

Never create something for free… if your buyers wanna see a demostration show your portfolio, your previous work.