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Buyer got free revision even there's no free revision and order shows late


I have a gig where I don’t offer any revision for free, its $5 + 2 days for each revision. But one of my buyers somehow managed to get free revision without purchasing anything. And the order is now showing late. Even I didn’t get a 1 second to preview but the order is late. And this gig is about designing own quotes into typography images. I offer a gig extra to use custom fonts of buyer’s choice. But the buyer is now asking to change all the texts to a single font without purchasing the gig extra.

In this situation, what I possibly do? Do all the extra works for free?

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Typically there is an option to offer more extras at the bottom of the box you type in, perhaps let them know that the gig doesn’t offer revisions. Then let them know they can order 1 revision as an extra.
If you’re willing to do revisions for a fee.


Just because the user requests a revision doesn’t mean you provide one free.

That’s up to you. Not all revisions are equal. Like you, I don’t offer free revisions, EXCEPT if I make a mistake. Then it’s absolutely free. We have to send them something letting them know the amount required for the revision request. I also set the date as a couple days from now, even if I complete it immediately. Again, that depends on if it’s my issue, or they want a change.

If my mistake, I push it out the door ASAP. If it’s a change, it depends on the nature of the change.

Ignore that “LATE” notice. That is just because Fiverr and clients still prefer their orders delivered sooner rather than later. It’s NOT late if you delivered the original order on time.

When they request a change, send them an offer that includes the amount for the revision request.

It’s up to us as sellers to send the proper notice after the request. A few buyers will always try to get extra free stuff if we let them.


@lilacpunch It’s not about they can order 1 revision, they already did but without any fee, I don’t know how.

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Hi @lisabaarns, If the order has 0 revision and there is a gig extra for 1 revision $5. How can a buyer possibly order that for free? It seems to me a bug or something. And of course I sent an offer from my existing gig extra and the buyer declined it. Now the buyer is asking for premium stock images of his choice and willing to not purchase any. I don’t know why these types of buyer exists, but they certainly do.

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As a buyer you have two options: Mark as complete or request a revision. They requested one, they didn’t order one. This is where you can let them know. It’s in your hands to do it for free ( which I don’t recommend) or offer them a gig extra and charge them. Fiverr doesn’t filter this option out even if you don’t offer revisions.


It’s not a bug. That’s how it is, buyers can always request revisions even if you don’t offer free ones. It’s up to you whether you will provide them for free, try to charge them, or redeliver what you have already delivered, with the explanation that you have delivered as requested, and that you don’t offer free revisions.


@lilacpunch that means the buyer can actually ask unlimited number of revisions (changes to the order) right? That also means they can get whatever they want and still fiverr charges 20% from each order because they are sellers friend!

@catwriter but how can fiverr do that? with this unlimited revision any buyer can get whatever they want without giving the appropriate money for the job.


No, you don’t understand. It is always up to you, the seller, if you want to offer any revisions.

Since your gig does not offer free revisions you are able to say no.

Send a custom offer for extra revisions and if they decline it then simply say no.

If you are worried about bad reviews, that might change how you respond to this but still, if you offer no revisions you don’t have to do them just because the buyer asks for them.
Make them pay for the revisions~


Only if you give it to them.

They have to keep it that way, because of bugs (for example, the file doesn’t go through properly, and the buyer has to request a revision to get what he/she paid for), because there are dishonest sellers who mark the order as delivered, but deliver nothing, and because of the possibility that the seller makes a mistake (correcting mistakes should be done for free, and some sellers, according to complaints, make a mistake after mistake after mistake).


@misscrystal said it best.


@misscrystal That means if I don’t deliver the revision the order won’t be cancelled automatically? Or the buyer can’t cancel it without my knowledge?

If you don’t want to do the revision for free:

  1. send him a custom offer with your fee shown for doing the revisions he wants, and

  2. send back the exact same thing you delivered with a note that you are sending a custom offer for the revisions he wants, saying that your gig does not offer free revisions.

If he again sends a revision request for free keep sending back the same thing you sent with the delivery, and do it as many times as it takes to get him to either give up or order the custom extra you sent him for the revisions.

Any time the buyer asks for a revision, you have to send back SOMETHING as a delivery, to get the order to complete.


@misscrystal Thanks.

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Worst feeling ever when a buyer does that at the last minute. Then they have you where they want you. Do you risk a bad review by trying to charge them a revision fee? That’s a tough one. But fair is fair, and you probably should do that. If they reject it, you have the option to cancel the order.

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I agree with some of you guys.

IF the buyer has no revisions, and the change requested is generate by a mistake or a misunderstanding i likely am going to fix it for free.
IF the change is really small (like 2 minutes of work) i’m going to take it for free.- ONCE only-

But generally I think that the SITE itself should pop-up a warning or a desclaimer…which warns the customer about something like “You don’t own revision tickets” or similar. and a buttom to invite them to purchase the revision if they wish to really apply a change. I think this would be much more fair for sellers.

However, talk to your customer as much as you can, explain your point, politely they will understand. If they don’t, don’t feel intimidated and try to be much more clear.

If it stay still, just redeliver explaining your point (always politely lol) and continue, as someone already suggested.


Last time I sent a custom offer for additional work to a buyer after he used the 1 revision included in the gig he gave me a 1.3 stars review as punishment so sending custom offer after the completed gig delivery don’t works every time.
As a seller and after few years here on fiverr I learned that if you find a buyer that wants free work or a lot of work for cheap there is nothing you can do about it and you have only two options one is to ask for a mutual cancellation (will hurt your stats and ranking) and two send a custom offer and now the power is on the buyers hands he can accept it or refused it and maybe give you a bad review because he or she didn’t get the work as she or he pretends.

Fair is Fair…But nothing is fair. Unfortunately sometimes we have to face this problem. Need to handle it gently for ourselves. We need to ask buyer for charge. If they disagree then we need to contact with support.