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Buyer got the work and left one star review

i recently finished one order in which I delivered my work to the buyer on super fast speed
she was having problem in viewing pdf so I sent her word documents which also didn’t worked according to her. i reported to fiverr they asked me to request her to open the document in another device rather than phone but she was unresponsive to my messages once my order was marked automatically complete she left 1 star, I belive she has got work and now playing cool. by threatening me to file a complaint.
how can I deal with that 1 star review ,?


Respond to her review in an utmost professional manner, write the explanation as you provided here, and for future clients make sure to add in your requirements that they need to make sure they can open file formats: list, list, list (list the formats.)


hey there thanks for that suggestion i will surely add it in my gig,
she has also threatened me to complain to CS do i have to refund after all my work and she will walk away easily ?

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No, if you stay calm and be polite and do not respond to her in negative way.

Also do not engage in prolonged conversation.

Say once I delivered the files in time. They are meant to be viewed on computer, not phone since for phone viewing you need to have proper applications installed. Kind regards.


thank you so much for prompt replies