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Buyer Gurus Wanted, Here's Why


Here you can see that I’m not asking the right questions before hiring Sellers. Or, maybe my gig descriptions are inconclusive. Could be anything. I’ve even purchased a couple of those training courses about being a success using Fiverr Outsourcing. So, I need to learn from YOU, if you’re a successful Buyer Guru. Share your info here and let’s see whose training course (you DO have one, yes?) is likely to be the best to purchase. Attention Moderators, I sell NOTHING in Fiverr so please don’t flag this as a self promotional post.

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It is best for you to try out the Buyer Requests.
You can also get someone on Fiverr to edit/rewrite your GiG description if that helps, otherwise cancellations due to the buyer’s fault of “by mistake orderings” is common for most of the sellers on Fiverr.


In case you want to edit/rewrite dm please



Indeed, the Buyers Requests method is by far my favorite. First, go see how many Sellers show up in the Search results. Second I see the various suggestions on display for the search term used. Unless using the “Online Now” function to send a form letter to a few of them, I then prepare a Gig Request. Reason is we don’t know the last time some Seller was online, and it is time consuming to go check their profiles. Writing a Buyers Request guarantees replies from current users.

I believe my #1 problem is accepting sales speeches about their guarantee to do my job, when I should be talking about specifics and what their plan of attack will be.


I don’t describe myself as a guru but when I’ve been trying to give you advice you seem to disagree with much of what I say. My success rate as a buyer does not lie.
Perhaps I should sell my advice so people take it more seriously.


In this Fiverr conversation I’m hoping other Buyers will post their “Manage Orders” page, to establish credibility, as I have done. In your case with more than 500 orders, it would not help most of us because your page image would contain Gigs Sold and Gigs Purchased. Since I’ve never attempted to sell anything here I could be incorrect about what your image would tell us.

Next we’d want to know how many years it took for the Guru to achieve that status, as they may be operating from an account laying dormant several years. We’re not expecting to see copies of bank statements, pictures of your Yacht and sports car, but if you just want to brag I’m sure it would be entertaining.

A Guru could get the rest of us to try some techniques for a verification project and come back here and post results. As there are lots of colleges and universities there can be lots of Gurus here. As nobody reaches the top of the hill without having had a lot of false starts, we can expect that some techniques discussed here in Fiverr will not work for everyone.
We can discuss what techniques seem to work most of the time, and how it was arrived at. Meaning do you specialize with purchasing only from Sellers with feedback scores of 300+? How many times have you been disappointed working with Sellers with high feedback scores?

A genuine Guru talking to another Guru here in Fiverr and allowing us regular people to observe and try your techniques is likely to benefit a lot of us. I myself have paid for training courses and would not object to attending a seminar put on by an established Fiverr Buyer Guru. If one emerged.

As for me taking your advice, why don’t I employ YOU to reduce my cancellations ratio to successes? It is easy to give you a PM containing a link to the “About-Us” page which also discusses our Past-Present-Future goals. It will tell you where we’re going and allow YOU to get us there. Like when we hire a taxi driver and say where our destination is, without specifying the route to take.


I would love to see more buyers posting on the forum in general and also specifically discussing their process for selecting sellers and how it works for them. This would be exceptionally useful for both buyers and sellers to learn from and find out what works in different situations and probably in different categories.

In a way, some of my responses to your questions on the forum could be incorrect and the same could be true of any “guru” who tries to tell you what to do.
To explain, I stand by what I have said to you as these methods are what work for me. What you are buying is different to what I am buying and so I think it is important for you to experiment more. You have over 200 completed orders so you should have a good idea of how to do things but if you are still having the same problems then something is seriously wrong. At this stage, I have certain people I will ALWAYS go to for certain things. In fact for some things I have a backup and second backup, just in case some are not available when I need them or price is an issue for certain projects. The fact you don’t have this established yet concerns me. Have you ever had a good experience for the main tasks you need done on a regular basis. If so, why not use the same seller(s) again. I know that occasionally sellers do disappear (hence my backups) but in general, most decent sellers are fairly permanent.

My advice would be, rather than outsourcing the job to me or searching for a magic formula from a guru, spend the time and money you would spend on those things on seeking out, trialing and evaluating a larger number of sellers. Find 10 sellers who have profiles that match what you are looking for and who have reviews which are good. As I mentioned before, I stay away from the Buyer Request section for my purchases and I suggest you do the same. Instead, send custom offer requests to each of them and see who responds with a price which is more or less your budget. Place the order with each one and see how the jobs work out. Eliminate those who are less than satisfactory and then from there, give bigger jobs to each as you go on. Upon completion of those bigger jobs, give tips to those who are up to your standards. For any who have done well but not quite to your liking, you should point out how they can improve/change it to the way you want it done.
Depending on the size of the task, this should take you approx 2 hours to find them, 2 hours to order and respond to queries and then a couple of hours to evaluate what has been done. The second round of orders should take less time. In total, I would estimate around 12-15 hours would be spent on this process and I would allow approx $300 split between 10x $10 orders and then 3-5x $40-50 orders.

At this point you may have one, two or more people to choose from. The initial cost of paying for orders that you don’t need will be repaid to you as you go on with less time spent chasing up bad sellers and as your relationship grows with the seller(s) they will work better with you and probably be glad every time you order from them.

For me, $300 is worth approx 10 hours of my time, adjust your budget to whatever would be similar to your situation. This approach has probably saved me a couple of thousand dollars in the course of the last year. It has also probably saved me a couple of weeks of my own time in that I can place orders with certain people and just forget about it until it is delivered rather than wasting time in trying to deal with new people all the time. The sellers I work with regularly know what to expect from me and I know what to expect from them so it works for us both.

To anyone seeking to become a Guru, you can go ahead and sell what I have written above, I would love for buyers to use my approach more often rather than the all too common approaches of “I have lots of work if you are good”, “give me a free sample”, “another seller is cheaper” etc.


Or you could just use one of those apps that promises to help you find Gigs really fast without using the Fiverr website or app. :unamused: You’d think Fiverr would block access to someone (or at least try) that describes Fiverr’s systems as slow and inaccurate and then proceeds to make money off of them.


Humm, are you referring to me? It’s interesting to see how often I’m referred to as “other” or “certain” on these forum.

If anyone has a question for me or wishes to challenge me, just call me out with the @ symbol. I actually do sleep and have a full time job, along with few hobbies, so I may miss a thread unless I’m called.

Today, I am on the road and only have my tablet on me. It’s doable but a P-I-A to do, so tomorrow, I can post a screen capture if anyone doubts the validity of my purchases.

You can also Google me at anytime along with anyone else you want to check. :wink:


grown_up_sense_of_humor.exe has crashed… system is defaulting to an older fallback version sixth_grader_jokes.exe.

Hello @symbol, I would have called you out but…

…it seems you are already out.


Well as eoinfinnegan said, I am not a guru but yes I do purchase on regular basis. I may contradict with @taverr here on Buyer Requests. First thing, most of good sellers do not use buyer requests as they get orders regularly ( I am talking about the ones with at least 1 year experience on Fiverr with 70 + reviews). Secondly going through all those requests is something really horrible. May be I am the only one who had this kind of experience, but i am here representing just my own opinions and experience.

There were even sellers who has nothing to do with the request posted ( I wanted someone who can speak French and Spanish to sync an audio to a video and lots of sellers from subcontinent contacted me and the first line was " we donot understand those languages but we can do ________ "

Best way I have learnt so far, is using the search result. Pay some extra bucks but look for the best one. Use the avg customer review filter and select some and then read their descriptions and contact before order placement to ensure whether they can do it or not.


You have 106 canceled orders. That shows how you treat your sellers. You cannot get the whole world for $5.


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are you living in Philippines right now as an American?


One can only assume that Luv’s opinions and methods are as antiquated as his OS.

I would suggest most of your projects are unsuccessful due to your rather bombastic opinions and exaggerated self-importance when it come to English Comprehension, all while scraping the bottom of the barrel in this marketplace.

EDIT: whither buyer gurus?


that was my first thought. if you haven’t updated your os, you’re obviously going to have tech problems with any and every person trying to give you tech assistance lol


Recently I’ve been doing just what you’ve suggested, staying with
Level 2 sellers with higher feedbacks. For example now I’m testing
copywriters. Listen to my story attached…


Not now. I’ve been here in Malaysia all month. Scheduled for Thailand
and returning to Cambodia before returning down into the Philippines.
Haven’t been to the USA since 2010.


Unlike your games, such as telling newbie sellers that you would give them the exact ratings that they wanted (even wrote for themselves)?

It’s worth noting that Trump was largely successful in business because of his inheritance–yet despite this, has filed for bankruptcy multiple times. Still, I suppose we all have to aspire to something.

I wouldn’t go to Indonesia. It’s full of those kind of people you don’t like.


I’m answering emails now and did not realize this was NOT a private
message, so excuse my candor. I’ll try to be more “politically
correct” in future responses. Let me add that when you look at the
almost 49% failure rate, and the number of purchases, let me add that
I may have some system that is working a lot better than systems
others use. So I’m happy to share MY results, and appreciate helpful

Again if ANYONE is willing to show a higher success rate than mine,
for the time being I’m the Guru here.