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Buyer hack my work

buyer say that, I want a real street/beach/park public background. The background shouldnt be professionally clicked, it should be real background like the street/park or anything outside ur house. The image after editing should look as if i clicked nude in the outdoor location.

when i complete my work and delivery this she said me no reply…

(no order )

what is this?


This is very sad activity!

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this is too much…

you shouldnt have done her work before order. not all the buyers are nice.

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yes…i tend to think when i say thats buyer

now her works is done for free. if she is nice then she will order. but i dont think not replying is a gd sign. maybe she wont order. you can contact support. maybe they will help you out with this.

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thanks for your kind information…

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this was your first work on fiverr i think. dont lose hope. there’s a lot of nice buyers in here. at first i also made mistakes. just take this as a lessons and good luck.


ok…this is good idea

CS can’t help. There is no mutual agreement i.e. no order in place. This is what the CS will also say. They can never force a buyer to purchase.

This is a hard lesson. Online world, not everyone is nice. I have has an experience that buyers will place an order, ask us to work and then abruptly cancel the order even after all the work is done.

Even in those cases, we need to bite the bullet and move forward.