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Buyer had been requested to cancel the order and i declined

After doing the job my client requested to cancel the order and finally, I did not accept it. I decline the request and we made a deal. I did all correction. But after 3 days and still, my order delivery did not accept automatically and client did not here for 3 days. As Fiverr rule within 3 days it will accept automatically, isn’t it? But what is the problem now? Please help me …



I have understood the condition. That buyers activity is very suspicious and everybody will be disappointed if this activity happens with them.

  1. I always discuss with buyer before deliver the work. I don’t like getting revision from buyer. I think everybody should do this.
  2. No good buyer send you cancel request after delivery. They can return for revision. Many fraud buyer cancel order after delivery. I suspect this buyer is same as that buyers.
  1. It is not always 3 days limit. It may be take up to 4 days to 7 days depends on working days. Fiverr always notify it. Check once again.
  2. You should remember that buyer able to cancel order after accepting delivery. But if you have done good work and submit proof then it may be difficult to do for them.
  3. After all of these if you got approval of your delivery, you may got a very bad review from buyer. It will not good at all for you.
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Really? I’ve never had an order that hasn’t auto completed after 3 days. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’ve never experienced this.



I have got that experience while holiday ( like Christmas ). Another time I have got 4 days.
Maximum time (usually ) it takes 3 days.
But I can not show you picture because I have not keep these. Buyer had accepted my delivery within few times because always I discuss before delivery.

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But what is the status of the order? Is it in revision? How did you deliver the new version?

Ok, that’s genuinely interesting. I’ve completed hundreds of orders and I have never noticed one take more than three days to autocomplete. Thank you!

There was a 7-10 day window this past Christmas where Fiverr extended the auto-complete time to 7 days without warning anybody first.