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Buyer had given me incomplete .doesn't answer

Hi there
What s gonna happen if a buyer orders my gig and had given me incomplete information and he doesn’t answer me .
Order is ongoing now.
Some advice please


The guidelines advise to avoid cancelling orders as much as possible. What I would do is I would try to work with the submitted information and deliver the project, if not in the final form at least as a first draft. If the information the buyer provided is not sufficient for a decent output, you could wait for the buyer to respond. Unfortunately this can lead sometimes to falling behind with your delivery time as some buyers don’t always respond. Waiting for their response is not always the best solution. Now, it also depends on how much time there is left and how long will take you to get it done. If I would get close to the deadline without a clear response I would contact support to have the order cancelled and not risk my stats dropping other than the cancelled order.
Communication is essential so having a client that is not responsive makes the tasks more difficult to progress and also it makes it harder as you rely on their collaboration. Offer respect and accept only but respect and you should be fine. Good luck!


thank you for your reponse
the time left is about 10 hours and no answer really i don’t know what shoul i do

I know of sellers who have contacted CS and asked them to extend the delivery date due to the buyer not giving complete info. Maybe that would work for you. :thinking: You can use the Resolution Center which is near the top of the right side of the order page. :slightly_smiling_face:

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i will try it
thank you