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I feel I am being harassed by a buyer who has posted falsified feedback on my gig. After initially contacting Fiverr support, they removed the buyer’s feedback, finding it to be false as well. Now, the buyer has pressured me for a refund, which I cannot provide. The buyer has already marked the order as complete, so I can’t cancel or do anything to refund his payment just to get him out of my hair. Additionally, the buyer has now posted false feedback on my gig for the second time.

The first time I contacted Fiverr support, the issue was resolved in roughly five hours. However, my second support ticket regarding the further harassment and second false feedback was posted twelve hours ago and has not been addressed yet.

I don’t wish to complain as I’m sure that Fiverr support experiences high peaks of support requests. However, I wanted to ask the Fiverr community who has contacted support in the past, what has your general turnaround time been? Is twelve hours the norm?

I’d like this nightmarish experience to be done with, but I feel that can’t happen until support resolves the issue through my second support ticket. Thanks in advance for the replies!


Yes I had the same case in the past and I got an answer in less than 24


Yes nickih, sometimes it takes a bit longer to get a reply. The CS team receives hundreds and thousands of requests everyday and each and everyone will be answered sooner or later. Just give them some time. I can assure that your ticket will be answered within the next few hours. Fiverr support is awesome and has a very friendly staff :slight_smile: Good luck!


Thanks for the replies so far. I’m relatively new to both Fiverr and their support system. Like I said, I certainly don’t want to complain as I know Fiverr support surely works hard. But as a newcomer, I just wanted to take a casual survey on other users’ experiences with support/turnaround time. (That way, I might know what to expect.)


armer is right. The ticket will be answered within 24 hours time. In the meantime I would like to give you a friendly advice. I know, a negative feedback’ is a nightmare to any seller.

In your case, you cannot give him a refund as he has already completed the order. However you can offer to give him a free gig if he removes the feedback. Just do whatever you do for him one more time for free and ask him to remove the feedback.

I think it’s best for you to sort out the issue by yourself. As stated in Fiverr TOS “We encourage our buyers and sellers to try and settle conflicts amongst themselves. If for any reason this fails, users can contact Fiverr’s customer support department for assistance” So I’d say, try to sort out the issue by talking with your buyer first. Most of the time this method works just fine :slight_smile:

Anyway good luck!!!


What about a buyer who says “it don’t work, don’t buy”. My delivery is a video training series. I don’t know if he had trouble viewing the videos or if he thinks the methods I show don’t work. Either way, I would have made it right with a refund or separate delivery method. but now my new gig has this bad review that doesn’t even make sense. What can I do? I already tried contacting the buyer and he is not responding.


Thanks for the advice, Sachin81. Unfortunately, the buyer was unresponsive when I tried to contact him and sort it out. I’m pretty flexible and would have liked to work it out, but I got no cooperation, only a feedback post full of strange, false claims and messages demanding a refund.

The buyer started harassing me further after his first feedback was removed by Fiverr support. This was the first negative experience I’ve had with a buyer. I agree that it would have been nice to have been able to cooperate amicably with the buyer. However, it got to the point where I felt uncomfortable entangling myself further with this person without the assistance of Fiverr support.


Also, the issue has indeed been dealt with by Fiverr support for the second time by now. I found them very speedy!

Thanks for the advice regarding dealing with difficult buyers. The was my first time, and I found it really troubling. Any other advice from the community on how to handle or interact with difficult buyers would be welcome and appreciated!


I’m dealing with the same issue, it’s interesting Fiverr removed feedback for you Nickih because that’s exactly what I asked them to do but they said they could not do that. The buyer I’m dealing with has called me every name in the book after I offered a free gig , a refund , and did multiple edits to the original work provided.


Strange because the CS representative I talked to literally said and I quote " unfortunately we won’t be able to remove feedback without their consent". I believe it was Jenny who responded. Seems unfair that they would side with one seller and not another who took the same actions.


Interesting because my buyer totally falsified information on a gig that I delivered as advertised and CS is absolutely refusing to help me right now. They say that anyone can buy a gig just to rate it down and they won’t remove the feedback because it violates the buyers right to leave their impression on the order. I guess Fiverr picks favorites and they change the rules as they see fit. Kind of sad seeing as I’ve made them several hundred dollars in the last year, this is how they treat their sellers. Ive attached a screenshot from the conversation.


here is the screenshot, as mentioned before, the buyer falsified information saying that I did not deliver what he wanted when I delivered the same thing that I’ve delivered to 150 other satisfied customers exactly as advertised. Not sure what the problem is here? In any case it’s far from as easy as you make it sound.


My buyer ordered gigs from me after every gig he stopped the server and demanded more work for free now that whole of his project has been completed he has shut down the server started claiming that he didn’t get the required work.
When I tried to sort it out with him he refused and now demanding to get a server and apple developer account for free from me. The support has been completely worthless and only saying sort it out with him. The orders are all completed and buyer himself already said that the apps were working all right. after order was marked as completed he put in a dispute and now the support does not even listen to what I said and totally uncooperative and saying that I should provide him with everything. I even sent them all the evidences of the work from the conversation but they are totally uncooperative and biased towards the buyer. My withdrawals have been blocked and they are not opening even when all the evidences are given to them.


Sorry this happened to you. We don’t have the complete details so cannot comment on it.


Right now I’m also facing the same problem. More than twice I have checked the work even though he is not satisfied and asking for refund. I asked him to indicate mistakes that too he is not doing and talking to me very roughly. For past one year this is the first time someone is doing such thing. I never got an objection. I’m really depressed.


You can tell him you did it correctly and you expect to be paid for your work.

Then stop all chat or talking to him completely. Do not keep talking to a buyer who talks to your roughly and wants his work for free.

Refuse to cancel the order and keep refusing if he presses the request cancellation button 10,000 time, refuse it each time.

Take a screenshot of what he said to you that was rough and send it to customer support.
See what they say about it. Buyers are not allowed to do this.


Ohh, This is really helpful. Thank you so much @misscrystal


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