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Buyer Harassment for seller

Hi, Suddenly one of my buyer through an order without any discussion and when I asked for information then don’t give me properly and make more changes that they can but after finishing the job they replied i have done nothing and cancel the order and for that my gig position and order become decrease . is there any one ca give me the advice what should I do in that situation and now?

Contact CS and explain the situation.
Wish you luck

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Advise the correct exra add ons to the customer. At the same time ask him if opening a ticket with CS would be beneficial.

This normally provokes a quick response from the buyer.

If the clock is allready running deliver the work originally quoted quickly

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hi , thanks for advice , I have done but he Ask fiverr to cancel
it and fiverr cancel it .


thanks for your advice.

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Definitely I’ll do that.