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Buyer Harassment with negative feedback


Admin , you can delete this post.


This is bad. sorry about it.
You can contact support about it…


So sad, but if he placed negative review so how can he demand more free work? By the way should checkout buyer review before order for next time.


The only negative review I can see on your profile is from 8 months ago.

If you’re being threatened with a future negative if you don’t do free work then please contact CS.


Tell him something like. “How can you ask for free work after you wrote: ‘…’”

Or you can ignore him. Also, tel him you don’t work for free.


You cannot see the review yet because I haven’t added my review too. New rules; since you already know , until and unless we rate the buyer, the review isn’t available until 10 days. The old review 8 months ago too was a scam and Fiverr didn’t help me out. It’s sad that Fiverr always prefers ‘Buyers’ over ‘sellers’ when we generate their economy.


I did, he posted a negative review which will go live after 10 days ( new rules).


I did contact and as you know , they always support buyers :frowning:


So if nobody can see the review (including you), how do you know it’s a negative? All you can know is that the buyer has left a review, but not the score or the feedback comment, until you leave yours.


Made a mistake , shouldn’t have accepted this order. Already had to work extra and now this negative review. Pisses out!


Please immediately contact fiverr support centre. It will be very helpful.


How do you know its a negative feedback if you haven’t rated him back yet? :thinking:


He sent to my inbox stating that he has placed a negative review. Until and unless I provide free work , he won’t change it.


Buyers can no longer change reviews anyway.

Take a screenshot and send it to CS - it’s badly attempted blackmail.

If you haven’t had a notification that they’ve left you a review, they haven’t left you a review. :wink:


didn’t get you ? Can you elaborate?


Looks like you were blackmailed. I’m so sorry.

Really frustrating that Fiverr doesn’t take more action against blackmailing buyers. Please do file a complaint with Fiverr’s support team. I’d be very interested to know how they respond.


igramlist, i’m sorry but its part of fiverr experience, so keep continue your work, you must gain your goal,


If that’s the case, simply contact CS. They might remove the feedback.


What sucks is that if you ask your buyer to change his review, you could be accused of review manipulation which is against TOS.

One thing some sellers do is deliver 2 days before it’s due, without the deliver button. So if your buyer replies, “it’s awful! You gotta fix it.”

You can click resolution center and refund that order.

If you deliver with “deliver now,” there’s a chance of getting a bad review.

Me? I use “deliver now” because I don’t like waiting for buyers to get back to me.


Wait, the negative feedback is a message of him wanting free work? You might be the first person in a long time who might get their review removed if this is so.