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Buyer harassment


I had a buyer in fact they still exists. They orders a gig and leave negative feedback.

Evertime i go little up they put negative feedback and bring my gig down.

How to stop them? Can anyone guide me?
They are taking revenge in malicious way to me.

Mutual cancelation affects our gig status?
Even if i go for mutual cancelation, they will keep purchasing gig and cancelation rate will be high which in turn puts down my gig.

What to do, i am extremely harassed and i have almost stopped working on fiverr.


Wow that sucks, i think you should just try to mutually cancel the orders, im not sure if it affects your gig like when you cancel it yourself, but at least you wont have to deal with negative feedback. I wish there was a way to block buyers. Good luck


Thank you so much for guidance, i will keep in mind.

Yes. More cancelation more down the gig written in fiverr policy but still it is acceptable as it only affects 60 days. My harassment guys will be tired one day.

One more question, mutual cancelation always cancels order? , sorry as i am a newbie here, having little tough time to understand things.


My advice would be to immediately refund the order the moment he orders, don’t even bother doing the work.

You should consider speaking with customer service. Cancellations might hurt your placement in the search results, but negative reviews affect your Avg. Customer Reviews rate, and they can also hurt you. I also don’t believe in working with people that have a history of not liking my work.


Thanks for your insights.


Get in touch with the Fiverr CS. If what you are stating here is true, they will not only restore your rankings and analytics; they will also ban that user. Everything will be as good as new. Just try to be respectful in your email to the CS.