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Buyer has anger issues

My buyer has anger issues, I didn’t know this until she ordered me. I realize I can never calm her no matter how cool I try to talk to her. Please advice.


Bad Luck mam . same problem me to :sleepy:

Complet her order and then block :slight_smile:

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I think personally, You should calmly explain the matter to him. You should not be angry with him.
If you feel that it is not possible for you to work with him after finishing this work, then it is better not to do it. I think this will be good for you.

I would not put up with any buyer treating me disrespectfully. I would cancel the order.


Same here. It’s just not worth it.


Hello, @ruthlancer!

Never condone bad behavior from anyone in life. If the Buyer makes you uncomfortable, I encourage you to send a note to CS so they can document her behavior. Remember, you are here to be treated with respect and kindness and nothing less. :pineapple:


Try to convince and deliver the works properly

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I Always try to keep the professionalism. Be gentle all the time, but report any bad behavior from the buyer.

I complete the order accordingly as it was requested, but if the buyer tries to abuse and ask for more work never discussed before, with not extra charges, I kindly explain I need to charge more, or refuse to do this (which is why they get angry most of the times with me).

I know it’s exhausting dealing with buyers like this, but I suggest to place the professionalism before your pride, and then if you finally complete the order, block the buyer.

Sometimes some buyers are not having a good day. It can happen with everyone, but you should balance if it worth to pass for the same thing again with this buyer.


Same to you mam. It’s just not worth it. so

If the buyer has written inappropriate things to you, aggression, threats, fear, creepy… Screenshot and ask CS to cancel this with no negative to you.

If they are just generally difficult, finish the job, hope they don’t cancel then get them out of your life by blocking so they can’t tap tap at your chamber door again.



Yeah no one needs that toxicity in their lives!